More French Ships Come To World Of Warships: Legends

Wargaming's latest update to World Of Warships: Legends will add some new ships to the fray from the French navy. The game has received the Godzilla Vs. Kong content that's been on the PC version, as well as the French Battleship Champagne, two more legendary ships, and ranked battles have returned with a pair of new sessions. You can read more about the update below and check out a video going over everything that's been added as it is currently available in the game.

A look at the French Battleship Champagne in World Of Warships: Legends, courtesy of Wargaming.
A look at the French Battleship Champagne in World Of Warships: Legends, courtesy of Wargaming.

First and foremost, the new "Tall Glass of Victory" campaign features the Tier VII French Battleship Champagne, a long-range specialist of a battleship armed with six high velocity 16-inch (406 mm) guns that are tailor-made for nailing enemy ships from miles away. Coupled with excellent speed, Champagne allows you position carefully for shelling the enemy. However, the catch is that Champagne's armor is quite thin for a battleship. Clever positioning and good aim will help captains get the most out of this warship. Players will have 5 weeks to complete the 100 milestones of the campaign, earning plenty of boosters and other rewards all along the way.

A speed-demon and a fire-slinging light cruiser join the ranks of Legendary Tier ships available through the Bureau. The high speed Klėber boasts an absurd base speed of 44 knots, and that's before her engine boost! The ultimate representation of a French large destroyer, Klėber was to be the first of an improved type of Mogador-class destroyers with greater anti-aircraft firepower. Her heavy guns and high speed make her a real menace in the right hands. The American light cruiser Worcester is joining the Legendary cruiser ranks thanks to her twelve auto-loading 6-inch (152 mm) guns capable of use against both enemy ships and aircraft. Legendary Tier ships take some time to research and unlock, so eager captains should get started early on the new projects!

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