More Italian Ships & Sea Monsters Come To World Of Warships

Wargaming has revealed the latest update coming to World Of Warships, which includes more Italian ships as well as… sea monsters? Update 0.10.2 will be giving the game a bit of a visual improvement as a ton of the game's effects have been given a makeover. Along with that, more Italian ships have been thrown into the sea as part of the ongoing Battleships event taking place. But the most interesting is the fact that there's a new game mode in which you'll be sailing out to sea to battle alien monsters who are threatening the world. We got some details and images below, along with the trailer. If you need the complete patch notes, you can check them out here.

Time to fight monsters who are threatening us in style! Courtesy of Wargaming.
Time to fight monsters who are threatening us in style! Courtesy of Wargaming.

The Big Hunt Begins!

The sea monsters are back with a vengeance in a revamped version of the Key Battle game mode which debuted last Halloween. The new battle type pits 16 players against each other and AI-controlled monsters as they race to escape through the portal at the center of the huge Polygon map. With a wide range of modules and consumables on the exclusive event ships, there are lots of build variations for players to experiment with to make an impact. Players enter each battle solo but can build a team of their own as the action unfolds.  Or, if entering as part of a Division, they can find each other on the map and unite to coordinate their efforts. By destroying monsters, other players and a new boss ship 'Aurora,' players can earn a temporary resource — Battle Points that can be used to reinforce their ship directly in battle and exchange later for rewards in the armory.

Visual Enhancements

This new update ushers in a large-scale makeover across all in-game effects — from shell tracers and gun fire, to water splashes, fires on board ships, and all AA effects — they've all been enhanced and reworked to accommodate the new lighting system. This comes alongside a huge array of visual effects added for ricochets, citadel hits, incapacitated weapons and consumables.

World Of Warships: Italian Battleships Event – Part 2

The Early Access rollout of Italian Battleships continues, as players continue to enjoy the tier IV to VI, as well as tier VIII and IX ships  which hit the seas in Early Access with the release of Update 0.10.1. Italian Battleship containers earned as combat missions rewards may now drop one of the following Premium ships: VI Leone, VII Duca degli Abruzzi, VIII Roma, or IX Marco Polo, as well as special signals, Free XP, Regia Marina expendable camouflages, days of Warships Premium Account, and Doubloons.

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