MSI Releases The MEG Aegis Ti5 Gaming Desktop

MSI revealed that they have released a brand new gaming desktop for people to check out in the form of the MEG Aegis Ti5. This particular model, as you can see here, has a few different features that make for an odd but interesting combination. They include a gaming dial that allows users to adjust their gaming preferences instantly, a NVIDIA Ampere graphics card, and the Intel Core i9 processor for faster performance. The desktop also comes with the Silent Storm Cooling 4 tech exclusive to MSI. You can read more about it below as this is now on sale for $3,400.

A look at the MEG Aegis Ti5, courtesy of MSI.
A look at the MEG Aegis Ti5, courtesy of MSI.
Using the LED dial on the front of the machine, players can view their display system status and quickly switch between several system performance settings including sound and lighting, all customizable on MSI's Dragon Center system management software. The knob also functions as a start button for games and can be linked with exclusive configuration files for the game. Its integrated AI technology can also detect its current location to display local weather and temperature information on the LED panel.
MSI's Silent Storm Cooling 4 technology provides separate cooling chambers for the CPU, GPU, PSU and VRM, maintaining the system at high performance for longer. Unlike other desktops, MEG Aegis Ti5's motherboard features an upside down design with an MSI propeller fan behind it to cool the VRM and boost GeForce RTX 3080's performance. Boasting the latest connectivity, the desktop includes built-in Thunderbolt™ 3 for transfer rates of up to 40Gb/s, four times faster than USB and ideal for quickly accessing game log files. Further enhancing online gameplay, MEG Aegis Ti5 features 2.5G LAN and Wi-Fi 6 for a stronger network connection without delays. Helping gamers communicate during online play, the desktop includes MSI's Sound Tune noise cancelling technology. Using AI, Sound Tune distinguishes between the players' voices and background noise to filter out any unwanted noise.

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