New Details Released For "Rise of the Horde" Update For 'Gears Of War 4'

Announced this morning via Xbox Wire, The Coalition announced that the latest update for Gears Of War 4 will be arriving on June 6. "Rise of the Horde" will be a free update with 15 new Horde skins (three for each class) and a bunch of new abilities for you to try out. You'll also be able to play a free trial version of the game next week from June 9-15.


Among the new additions is "Magic Bullet" for snipers that will increase bonuses for headshots, "Cloak" for scouts that will allow them to go invisible, "Last Stand" and "Berserker" for Heavies that will help with dealing and withstanding damage when you're nearing death, and "Resupply" for soldiers that helps regenerate grenades. You'll also be able to bring all your skills up to Level 6, obtain a new Horde Skill for each Boss Wave you defeat (which will increase playing on harder modes), and the addition of old-school maps like Avalanche and Rust Lung to the Gears Of War 4 system.

The best addition we liked seeing on the list was the addition of Inconceivable mode for both Horde and Campaign, which is basically training for elite players who can't be touched on every other mode they have. This is a great update that shouldn't be overlooked by anyone, even if you've grown tired of the game.


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