New York Excelsior Take Stage 3 Play Offs in the Overwatch League

In the Overwatch League, New York Excelsior has taken the Stage 3 play-offs against the Boston Uprising, giving them their second consecutive stage win as the inaugural season moves into its final stretch.

Overwatch League

Going into yesterday, Boston Uprising had had a perfect stage, going 10-0 in regular games. It really was a Cinderella story for the team, who came into the League estimated to be bottom tier. On top of that, it lost one of its star DPS due to misconduct. The team defied the odds and went on a perfect run through the stage going into yesterday's Stage 3 final against the New York Excelsior, beating the Los Angeles Gladiators in their semi-final.

Sadly, the roster currently at the top of the overall standings had other ideas. New York Excelsior came away with their second consecutive stage playoff win, beating Boston Uprising 3-0. While the score is one-sided, the games were largely pretty close, with many overtime pushes only just edging in New York's favour. Boston even maintained their unbeaten record on Volskaya Industries by holding New York to a draw. In the end, however, the flair and talent of the NYXL won out, the team taking $100,000 home to Boston's $25,000.

Now we move onto the final stage of the Overwatch League before the end of the season, which will kick off Thursday, May 17, 2018. Overwatch's newest hero Brigitte will be pickable and things should get very interesting. Dive remains incredibly viable at the moment, but with the game moving away from the meta and decreasing the value of the very strong Tracer, Genji and Winston at the moment, I have a feeling it is going to be a very unpredictable stage.