Nine Arches Reaches Full Kickstarter Funding In Six Minutes

Some good news for the people behind the new tarot game Nine Arches as the game was full funded on Kickstarter and in the works for production. The company launched the crowdfunding effort last month and so far, as of the day we're writing this, they've raised $120k with about 11 days left to go. The game has been designed to use a special deck of cards that helps tell a story throughout the gameplay, with no winners or losers, just an experience to be had as you tell what is essentially a new story every time you open it up. You can hear more about it from the game's creator below as we now wait to see when it will be published.

A look at the box and contents for the game, courtesy of Nine Arches.
A look at the box and contents for the game, courtesy of Nine Arches.

"After the pandemic, I think we are all ready to go out and do real things again, but that is not as easy as it sounds," said Geoffrey Gray, the game's founder and a New York Times bestselling author. "We created Nine Arches as a new kind of game for us all to escape the algorithm and do real things that make us feel vibrant and alive. Our time is our treasure, and the idea of sitting around a table for three hours waiting for your turn. I think we are all in the mood for experiences that truly make our lives better, make us healthier and happier, and not sitting in a basement making fun of people. Anyone with a phone is their own storyteller these days, and anyone with a Tik Tok account can become a star overnight. So the idea was, how to create a tool that allowed anyone the chance to become the hero of their own adventure tale. The answer was a game. In 9A, there is no game board. The world is your board, and you don't need a strong wifi connection to get to the next level. All you need is a willingness to do and try new things."

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