Nippon Ichi Software Reveals "Shoujo Jigoku No Doku Musume"

Kinda out of the blue, Nippon Ichi Software revealed a brand new game this week with a trailer as we're getting Shoujo Jigoku No Doku Musume. The company revealed more details about it on their website, which we have for you below. But the short version is that this is a brand new action RPG title set for both the Nintendo Switch and PS4 on June 25th in Japan. The game has you playing a voiceless protagonist roaming through levels of Hell, which is forged by the anxieties of people. Emotion is what will guide you through this very bright and colorful landscape as you try to retrieve your body, which was stolen by Doku Musume. Enjoy the trailer as we wait to see when Shoujo Jigoku No Doku Musume will be released in the west!

Shoujo Jigoku no Doku Musume Main Art
Credit: Nippon Ichi Software

Delusions are created by people's suffering thoughts. They can be produced with strong feelings and desires regardless of whether the person is alive or dead. And that, in turn, creates Hell. The protagonist is a living person who gets lost in Hell, and his body is stolen by Doku Musume, a dweller within Hell. With two spirits in a single body, the protagonist will begin to purify the Hell in order to return into the living world. Why did you get lost there? Who are you? Who is Doku Musume? This is a story about hell, owned by "you".

Protagonist: A "living person" who has gone astray from the living world to Hell. You have no memory of why and where you came from, and you will cooperate with Doku Musume in purifying Hell in order to find a way to return to the living world. You can choose the protagonist's gender to be a male or a female.

Doku Musume [lit. Toxic Girl] (voiced by Manami Numakura): Although she was originally a Delusional who fell into Hell, she stole the Protagonist's body which caused the latter to have two spirits in one body. In this world setting, toxic girls are Delusionals that are supposed to fuse with a living person. She also has another name, but she doesn't remember it herself.

White Doku Musume (voiced by Yuki Kawakami) and the Girl in Mourning Dress (voiced by Mina Takagawa): A pair of girls who are working on purifying Hell in the same manner as the Protagonist: two spirits in a single body. Although they seem to be involved in all things in an annoying way, they will also give helpful pieces of advice. The Girl in the Mourning Dress is thought to be a living person just like the Protagonist, but her reason for coming into Hell is still unknown.

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