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Shoujo Jigoku no Doku Musume Main Art
Kinda out of the blue, Nippon Ichi Software revealed a brand new game this week with a trailer as we're getting Shoujo Jigoku No Doku Musume The company revealed more details about it on their website, which we have for you below But the short version is that this is a brand new action RPG[...]
Disgaea RPG Studio Nippon Ichi is Withholding Employee Salaries
Reports have surfaced that the studio behind the Disgaea series of RPGs, Nippon Ichi Software, is in some serious financial trouble The company has been struggling for quite some time due to poor sales in the Japanese market, and have delayed their upcoming mobile title Disgaea RPG. According to those reports, Nippon Ichi is in so much trouble,[...]
Nippon Ichi Software Not Unlocking Rewards After Contest Fail
Nippon Ichi Software really wanted to win this year's Yuru Character Grand Prix 2018, but sadly, failed to even place in the top 100 this time For some reason, the company has been obsessed with this contest for a while now, even offering rewards to everyone in games if the character placed better than last year's showing[...]
Nippon Ichi Software Releases New Photos and a Trailer for Destiny Connect
The crew at Nippon Ichi Software released new images and a fresh trailer for their upcoming time travel RPG game, Destiny Connect The company launched the game's official website today, and with it came a ton of new assets as you get to see the awesome design work and get a little bit of the story[...]
Nippon Ichi Software Releases New Trailer for Lapis x Labyrinth
Nippon Ichi Software released a brand new trailer this weekend for their upcoming release of Lapis x Labyrinth The side-scrolling RPG will be coming to Japan on November 29th for the Nintendo Switch, with a rumored western release involving NIS America sometime in 2019 The game looks amazing for what it's trying to be, but I'd love[...]
You Can Pre-Register for Makai Wars and Watch a New Trailer
A new trailer was released this week for Makai Wars, the upcoming mobile RPG from Nippon Ichi Software and developer Clover Lab, along with a website where you can pre-register to play the game As we've talked about before, this game has been in development for 13 years and at one point was set for a[...]
New Disgaea, Refrain, and Yomawari Games in the Works at Nippon Ichi
Nippon Ichi Software recently updated fans on some of the games they're working on whihc includes Coven and Labyrinth of Refrain and Yomawari Talk on a new Disgaea development is also on its way This announcement comes from a reporty by Ryokutya2089 (and translated by Siliconera) During the recent talk, Nippon Ichi stated that they're planning new titles for both the Coven and[...]
Meet The Mysterious Dana In Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of DANA's Latest Trailer
Nippon Ichi Software and Nihon Falcom's Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana will be the eighth main entry in the series, and introduces a few new characters Naturally, the one character we all have questions about is the mysterious, eponymous Dana And today's trailer seeks to give us some more information about the mystical maiden[...]
Makai Wars Has Finally Been Unveiled After 13 Years
A long long time ago at an E3 far far, Nippon Ichi Software announced Makai Wars for the PSP Yes, that announcement came during E3 in 2004 The publisher quickly changed their tune as they announced at Tokyo Game Show 2005 that the title would be switched to the PlayStation 3. Makai Wars was intended to be a strategy[...]