NTales' Halloween Content Update Is Live

NTales' Halloween Content Update Is Live

From the successful Soft Launch of 2D RPG, NTales to the Philippines, RuleMkr is making another content update for its NTales: Child of Destiny. Have your game up-to-date by downloading the update through the Google Play or App Stores. The content update includes some special Halloween content, as well as an Elite mode, pet advantages, and goddess blessings as well as the usual bug fixes.

Also, you can now join and be part of NTales' Spookytacular Treats event which offers great rewards and prizes for all Saviors.

The content update includes:

  • 1. Elite Mode
    • Head the NEW NPC "Demo" to enter the Elite Mode.
    • Demo can be found on the Lancia Square.
    • When in Elite Mode, the new Pet Taming is applied, all monsters are stronger and there is an increase in item drop rate.
    • You need to have 5,000 Gold to change between Normal and Elite modes.
  •  Pet Advantage
    • Added new "Pet Advantage" in the Pet System.
    • Higher number of pet stars will help increase your character stats.
  • Goddess Blessing 
    • Maintain certain amount and get EXP and Item Drop advantage
    • Over 200 Blessing [+ 500% EXP in Monster Hunt ; + 300% Item Drop Rate in Monster Hunt]
    • Over 100 Blessing [+ 300% EXP in Monster Hunt ; + 200% Item Drop Rate in Monster Hunt]
    • Over 10 Blessing [+ 100% EXP in Monster Hunt ; + 50% Item Drop Rate in Monster Hunt]
  • Bug Fix
    • In Pet Island, Pet Egg HP is decreased
    • Fixed Some Crash Issue

NTales is your 2D Pocket RPG, which offers a multitude of opportunities for battles, exploration, and some special features. Save the kingdom with different sub-quests while exploring and defeating various monsters through it's over 200 maps! Collect and summon cute and powerful pets to fight along your side. Challenge the Boss Dungeon with your friends. Various costumes, wings, and unique equipment allows you to customize your character. You also have three Special Hero classes to choose from and then you can make them even powerful by choosing from whichever sub-classes you want.

There will be a big announcement for NTales in the coming weeks.

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