Numskull Reveals Its New Nintendo Switch Steering Wheel

Numskull revealed a new official Nintendo product this week as they have made a new Nintendo Switch Steering Wheel. Unlike previous versions where it's just been a wheel unto itself to add the joy-cons in, this is a full-on attached wheel with suction cups to keep it mounted to the surface you're playing on. Complete with buttons at the 10-and-2 that interact with the LZ/RZ buttons. It looks mighty impressive, but considering how few racing titles there are on the Switch, this feels more like something for hardcore Mario Kart players who want the feeling of a real wheel in front of them. You can read more about it below from Numskull, but the wheel itself will run you $15, which isn't that bad of a price considering other products of this same ilk might charge double.

Now you can drive in Mario Kart in style, courtesy of Numskull.
Now you can drive in Mario Kart in style, courtesy of Numskull.

Looking to take your racing experience on the Switch to the next level? If you're a huge fan of Mario Kart or other racing games, then this is the perfect accessory for you! This high-quality wheel creates an immersive driving experience, allowing you to attach it to the table and smoothly make your way through any course like a real pro.

  • Realistic design and resistance technology lets you steer like the real thing making it perfect for Mario Kart and other racing games (that feature Joy-Con motion control).
  • Features durable suction cups for easy attachment to tables.
  • Specially designed soft mounting brackets for Joy-Con controllers to prevent damage.
  • Wheel is compatible with racing games that use the Joy-Con motion control feature, such as Mario Kart, Star Wars Racer and FAST RMX. Games such as Team Sonic Racing and Horizon Chase Turbo do not have the motion control feature.

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