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Oculus Quest No Longer Needs The $79 Link Cable

Remember how the Oculus Quest required a special cable in order to play PC games? Well, turns out that's no longer a thing. One of the big selling points to the Quest system was that you no longer had the equivalent of a PC tower set of cables coming out the back of your head. The system made everything you did wireless and free-form so you could pretty much have total control over what you did in the game and were not bound by a set of sensors or a series of cables hooked into the PC. The drawback was that at the time, the system could not handle playing bigger PC titles without the use of a special cord. That cord, better known as the Link Cable, was an Oculus-made product that was essentially a USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-C cable, which came with a right-angle connector on the side. It had the benefit of being sixteen feet long, but still.

The Oculus Quest gives you great mobility, unless you want to play a bigger PC title.
The Oculus Quest gives you great mobility, unless you want to play a bigger PC title.

Now that's bee completely changed and you can thank/shake your fist at Oculus for providing an update to make it happen. Prior to this, the Rift came with a standard USB hookup which they said was only a charger for the VR console and not a product you could download or play games with. According to Road To VR, the latest update to Oculus Quest has made it so you can now play games with the standard USB 2.0 cable. They've done some testing and it works out fine, eliminating the need to buy the extra $79 cable from the company. If you need an extension for space, there are USB extensions you can buy at places like Best Buy or online that will run you between $12-30. Now let's see if this was an update with the design done on purpose or a happy mistake that Oculus will soon patch over.

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