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Wands Alliance Will Be Coming To Oculus Quest 2
Beyond Frames Entertainment and Cortopia Studios revealed that Wands Alliance will be coming to the Oculus Quest 2 this year The game serves as a sequel to the original 2016 game simply known as Wands, in which you battle other players in magical combat using, what else, magic wands The original game did pretty well[...]
Clash Of Chefs VR Has Been Announced For Oculus Quest
Flat Hill Games revealed today that they will be releasing Clash Of Chefs VR out of Early Access onto the Oculus Quest this year The game has already been released back in late 2018 into Early Access, and it's been a bit of a slow development cycle to get everything out as a fully released[...]
VZFit, An Ambitious VR Fitness Platform, Launches For Oculus Quest
VZFit, the most versatile fitness application on the market, has now officially launched on the most mainstream virtual reality hardware, the Oculus Quest VirZOOM, the company behind the new fitness app, announced this past Tuesday, April 13th, that the app has been added to the Oculus Quest 1 and 2's roster of games With items[...]
Swarm VR Is Coming To Oculus Platforms This Spring
Greensky Games revealed this week they're bringing their next VR game Swarm over to Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest this Spring The game has been mentioned for just over a year now and we honestly thought we would have seen this sooner back in 2020 when it was first announced But we're guessing like a[...]
VR Title Baba Yaga Officially Released On Oculus Quest
Baobab Studios officially released their latest star-studded VR title Baba Yaga this week onto the Oculus Quest The game boasts an all-female cast including Oscar winner Kate Winslet, Daisy Ridley, Oscar and three-time Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson, and three-time Golden Globe winner and seven-time Oscar nominee Glenn Close, all providing voices to several of the[...]
Best VR Wishlist Games for 2020 : Shooters
Not only have nearly 65 new titles been added to the Oculus Quest store, but everything now is fresh on the heels of the release of Oculus's Quest 2 And with the holiday season featuring sales on top of sales, it's time to open up a series checking off which titles are best to keep[...]
Blooper Team Announces Blair Witch: Oculus Quest Edition
Just in time for Halloween, Blooper Team is bringing suspenseful horror to VR with Blair Witch: Oculus Quest Edition This is the game we saw release last year in all of its horrifying glory, now with some additional content brought to you in a VR experience Because the first time around wasn't horrifying enough, now[...]
Auto Draft
It's apparently been a strange week for the Oculus Quest as rumors have been swirling that a new version is on the verge of being revealed The rumor mill starter turning earlier int he week when multiple retailers in the United States and the United Kingdom reported took down their listings for the Quest They[...]
Auto Draft
Remember how the Oculus Quest required a special cable in order to play PC games? Well, turns out that's no longer a thing One of the big selling points to the Quest system was that you no longer had the equivalent of a PC tower set of cables coming out the back of your head[...]
"Ghost Giant" Will Be Released On Oculus Quest This December
Some cool news this week from Zoink AB as we now know Ghost Giant will be making its way to the Oculus Quest next month The game was originally released as a PSVR exclusive back in April, but the company announced it would be branching out onto Oculus in December What day it will come[...]
"Vader Immortal: Episode II" Gets A Surprise Release At Oculus Connect
After which, head to your Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift and download the game today! Credit: ILMxLAB "At its core, Vader Immortal allows audiences to explore one central question: what would it be like for you to be a hero in a Star Wars adventure, and learn firsthand about Darth Vader's mysterious plans?" said Finely during the keynote[...]
Mozilla Releases "Firefox Reality" For Oculus Quest
This week, Mozilla released a brand new VR experience as they have added Firefox Reality to the Oculus Quest for a VR browsing experience The company has already released content for HTC Vive Focus Plus and Lenovo Mirage, and now they're bringing that experience to the Oculus brand Essentially, they're giving you options to view[...]
SUPERHOT VR Releases An Oculus Quest Trailer
Probably one of the most recognizable VR titles these days, SUPERHOT VR, released a trailer for their appearance on Oculus Quest The devs decided to do something a little more fun this time around now that the Quest gives you a little more freedom to move as you get a live-action trailer Remember, time moves[...]
Polyarc's Moss is Getting New Story in the Twilight Garden Chapter
To celebrate the release of the new Oculus Quest system, Polyarc is introducing a free content update for Moss to give Quest players even more adorable mouse puzzle solving to sink their teeth into. Moss is one of the top-rated VR games of all time with more than 80 global industry awards and nominations under its belt,[...]
We Tried Out The Oculus Quest at PAX East 2019
One of the coolest appointments that almost didn't happen at PAX East this year was a visit to the Oculus booth to try out the Oculus Quest! Which is something we seriously wanted to tackle at this event because the company went all out and made some massive VR booths to show off the gameplay[...]
Game On | Oculus Quest Content Preview
The Quest's launch titles will include intense shooters and fast-paced action games to VR sims, and adventure RPGs. The first confirmed Quest title is Dance Central, which will come to Oculus Quest + Rift S in the Spring. Dance Central lets you perfect your moves to chart-toppers with a 32-song soundtrack from the 1970s through today's hits, and a customizable[...]