"Warmachine" New Releases Include New Kovnik

Three new releases for Privateer Press' Warmachine miniatures war-game are hitting game stores right about now, with a pirate, a warjack, and a new take on an old favorite ready to take their place in your army now!

Warmachine: Khador – Kovnik Apprentice Kratikoff

"Warmachine" New Releases Include New Kovnik
//Credit: Privateer Press

The woman who would become one of Khador's greatest warcasters entered military service young, lying to recruiters to get into the Winter Guard two years before normal eligibility. By the time her warcaster talent was recognized, she was already a battle-hardened veteran. Awakened to her talent after the death of her superior officer, she was impatient to put training behind her and do her part in the Motherland's wars. She inspired her soldiers with her courage and heroics, ever inclined to close with the enemy as quickly as possible.

Kovnik Kratikoff provides several particularly useful abilities to any Khador army, but especially to Winter Guard forces. Boundless Charge provides essential movement range bonuses for melee-centric models. Fog of War offers a blanket of concealment around Sorscha to aid against enemy shooting. Lastly, her No Sleeping on the Job for Winter Guard keep your essential models on their feet.

MSRP on Kratikoff is $14.99.

Warmachine: Mercenaries – Swashbuckler Light Warjack

"Warmachine" New Releases Include New Kovnik
//Credit: Privateer Press

The Swashbuckler takes unique advantage of the adroitness of its underlying chassis, built expressly for the purpose of navigating a ship's deck even when tossed by winds at sea. Engines East employed a cortex custom-built to augment capability in melee as well as superlative situational awareness. Privateers enjoy them in particular for their usefulness during boarding operations, either on the offense or defense. Firing a short-ranged cannon in one hand and wielding a cutlass in the other, the Swashbuckler is aptly named: it walks with a similar swagger to its human counterpart.

The Swashbuckler is a nimble light 'jack that can leverage its powerful defensive abilities to thwart enemy plans. Duelist and Dodge make it difficult to lock down in melee combat, and Defensive Strike discourages your foe from engaging it without getting punished.

MSRP on the Swashbuckler is $23.99.

Warmachine: Mercenaries – Captain Rahera, Terror of the Wailing Sea

"Warmachine" New Releases Include New Kovnik
//Credit: Privateer Press

For most who dwell among the Scharde Islands, the pirate's life means freedom and a chance for wealth, at least for those who are sufficiently ruthless and driven. Captain Rahera represents these ideals better than most, having risen above the riff-raff of the many pirate dens to seize her own destiny. She has somehow managed to retain autonomy while also staying in the good graces of Cryx's lich lords and considers herself beholden to no man, living or dead. She claims to know the sacrificial magics of the Satyxis – and the ships she claims certainly see their decks painted red with the blood of the fallen.

Captain Rahera is a Cryx and Mercenary 'caster that blends aggression and support. Her abilities favor Privateers and Scharde pirates while providing potent buffs to your 'jacks with Escort and Manifest Destiny. Rahera herself favors a forward aggressive style, attempting to trigger her Blood Weaver ability to generate free casts of her powerful spell list to further the potency of her forces. She works equally well in Cryx and Mercenary forces and favors a mix of 'jack and unit choices.

MSPR for Captain Rahera is $14.99

These miniatures should be available now! Check your local game store for stock!

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