Original Stitch Reveals Pokémon 25th Anniversary Shirts

Original Stitch announced this week that they have partnered with The Pokémon Company for a special line of 25th Anniversary shirts. Starting today in celebration of World Pokémon Day, the company is offering up 34 kinds of Generation III Pokémon fabrics for you to choose from in these lovely dress shirts you see below. This is just a sampling of what they have to offer as each one is a unique design with some of your favorite characters hidden within from the 2002 titles Ruby and Sapphire. They join the line of shirts you can get from the company, which now totals over 250 different characters to choose from.

A sampling of the shirts you can get, courtesy of Original Stitch.
A sampling of the shirts you can get, courtesy of Original Stitch.

"This is such an important milestone for everyone in the Pokémon community," said Marina Carroll, Marketing Manager at Original Stitch. "For this launch, we chose World Pokémon Day, both as a way of marking how far we've come and setting up an entire year of celebration. Getting this moment right—for us and the community—is essential, which is why we spent so much time transforming these designs into must-have fashion items for 2021."Generation III introduces the next generation of characters. Treecko, Grovyle, Sceptile—these are just a few of the 34 characters that were the inspiration for the new line of patterns, all based on the classic 2002 videogame "Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire."

"There is just so much diversity within the Pokémon community," added Carroll. "The addition of these patterns allows fans of Generation III to show support for their favorite characters and join the 25th anniversary celebration with their own signature look, whether they favor custom shirts, or masks or bandanas, or any combination to get this year-long party started right." Generation III apparel is available exclusively in the Pokémon shop at Original Stitch Whether you're looking for a custom Pokémon shirt, mask or bandana, choose from 34 designs and get your customized product today.

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