Over 25% Of Ubisoft Employees Experienced Workplace Harassment

A new stunning fact has come to fruition from Ubisoft as a good chunk of the company experienced some form of harassment. The story comes from Kotaku, who reported that CEO Yves Guillemot updated the staff on the current status of the ongoing misconduct investigations that have led to multiple employees either being terminated or leaving the company before any details may have surfaced. The message was apparently shared with the outlet by the company's own internal PR as opposed to previous reports that were shared by employees who wished to remain anonymous. According to the info they received, over 25% of staff surveyed anonymously say they either witnessed or experienced misconduct first-hand. The survey always says one in five respondents say they didn't feel "fully respected or safe in the work environment." Here's a snippet from the article with more info on the survey.

Ubisoft has been investigating multiple misconduct allegations for months.
Ubisoft has been investigating multiple misconduct allegations for months.

In addition, women at Ubisoftt were 30% more likely than men to experience, witness, or hear about discimination, while non-binary employees were 43% more likely. One of the goals outlined by Guillemot to deal with this includes "ensuring women comprise at least 24% of Ubisoft's teams by 2023 (compared to 22% today). Based on the nearly 19,000 employees Guillemot mentioned being in charge of in his message, that would mean an increase of approximately 380 women. The CEO said the company is currently working on other metrics to measure progress on fostering diversity as well.

The big takeaway from this is that the harassment people received was not only frequent but affected many people in multiple areas across the entire company structure. What's more, it doesn't appear that the investigations are not even close to ending. While the company has rooted out multiple individuals, including notable figures such as Ashraf Ismail, Tommy Francois, and Maxime Beland, it appears this was a bigger company-wide problem than they initially wanted to admit. We'll keep an eye out to see what the next course of action is for Ubisoft.

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