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Noel Clarke Issues Statement on Sexual Misconduct Accusations
Dan Warburton in The Sunday Mirror has reported that no charges are to be pursued by the London Metropolitan Police against actor and director Noel Clarke (Doctor Who), regarding claims of sexual harassment and bullying made by around twenty women last year They quote the Met as stating that the women's testimonies "would not meet[...]
So Many Of Us Responds To Warren Ellis Returning To Image Comics
Both parties have experienced undue harassment Please do not harass Warren Ellis Please do not harass his friends and collaborators Please do not harass SMOU We understand the difficult feelings like frustration or anger that can surround this topic, but trolling does not serve to reduce harm, nor does it move the conversation forward. Structures for[...]
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It apppears Activision Blizzard are finally taking action in some of their harassment reports as 20 employees have reportedly been fired According to a report from The Financial Times, following a memo sent out to the entire staff, several employees were let go from the company following claims made by staff against them which were[...]
Activision Blizzard Inc. logo displayed on smartphone by Piotr Swat
Activision Blizzard announced today that they have now created an $18 million fund to pay out claims of a hostile workplace and harassment If you're not completely up to date on what's been happening, you can read our story about the recent federal investigation the company got hit with from the U.S Securities and Exchange[...]
Warren Ellis Issues Statement Accepting So Many Of Us Website's Offer
After news that Warren Ellis was returning to comics with Ben Templesmith from Image Comics, there were considerable negative responses from comic book creators and commentators, They concerned a series of multiple allegations of sexual harassment and grooming made against Warren Ellis and exposed en masse less than a year ago The So Many[...]
So Many Of Us Responds To Warren Ellis Returning To Image Comics
They concerned the series of multiple allegations of sexual harassment and grooming made against Warren Ellis and exposed en masse less than a year ago But there was also the observation that the So Many Of Us website which had collated sixty-two experiences from over a hundred women, had in their initial statement stated that[...]
Warren Ellis And Ben Templesmith To Complete 'Fell' At Image Comics
At the time, Templesmith didn't mention refer to the issue that it is currently one year after multiple allegations of sexual harassment and grooming by women and non-binary individuals were made against the writer Warren Ellis, with dozens of accounts gathered together a month later on the So Many Of Us website[...]
Dark Horse Comics To Run Harassment/Discrimination Prevention Training
Last night they tweeted out the following statement. With the help of outside HR Consultant, McGeachy Consulting, Dark Horse leadership has been reflecting, discussing and implementing new and updated policies to ensure the safety, happiness, and well-being of all employees.  Here are the measures that we have instituted: An updated Code of Conduct policy that we are[...]
Multiple Ubisoft Executives Out Due To Misconduct Allegations
A new stunning fact has come to fruition from Ubisoft as a good chunk of the company experienced some form of harassment The story comes from Kotaku, who reported that CEO Yves Guillemot updated the staff on the current status of the ongoing misconduct investigations that have led to multiple employees either being terminated or[...]
Sea Of Thieves Crew Art
The story is coming from Kotaku, who is reporting that popular streams such as SayHeyRocco, Carrillo, Jason Sulli, and GullibleGambit revealed this week that they are officially leaving the game behind and moving onto new games, citing that they believe Rare has not addressed the harassment and toxicity in the community Back when the game[...]
Laura Hudson Talks About Brian Wood, Tess Fowler, and Sexual Harassment in Comics
After Tess's statements, she wrote a wider piece about harassment in the comics industry and beyond. But on Twitter, she posted the following personal account. So here's what happened You're a young, vulnerable woman coming up in comics and you get into a bar with your hero Holy shit You're losing your mind bc here he really[...]
Sexual Harassment and the Comics Industry – Again
It's not uncommon for allegations of sexual harassment to arise – or rather, be repeated when an individual is gaining prominence And that seems to be happening right now with Scott Lobdell Again He is the current writer on comic books Red Hood: Outlaw and Nightwing for DC Comics, as well as the upcoming Heroes[...]
No Enemy But Peace – Richard Meyer, Antarctic Press, and Jawbreakers
Everything is rape, everything is harassment, everything bigotry I've actually found that's fairly common One of the things is just like these people they don't have lives; they don't have families." That Heather Antos "is a cum dumpster who got a job at Marvel because… Jordan White is a sad sack perv who jacked off to her…[...]