PGA Tour 2K21 Shows Off The Golf Course Designer

2K Games decided to show a little more of the creative side to PGA Tour 2K21 by revealing the Course Designer system you can mess with. Now we know what you might be thinking, as you've seen course designers in other games before, where you basically just get to mess with the land a bit and place a hole. This is anything but that. This will give you 100% control over everything on the course as you get to design it however you see fit. You get to place the buildings for the course and where everyone will go, you can build parts of a city around it, you can position the stands for spectators, you can go hole-by-hole determining the length, difficulty, and every single odd-and-end players will have to deal with.

Who puts a plane in the middle of a water hazard? You do in Course Designer! Courtesy of 2K Games.
Who puts a plane in the middle of a water hazard? You do in Course Designer! Courtesy of 2K Games.

To be completely honest, this got us way more excited to play the game than anything else we've seen. If you're a golf fan and you love the PGA and the players, it's easy to get involved with it at that level for those fans. However, for the casual fan or just a gamer in general, PGA Tour 2K21 needed a little something extra and this is precisely what it needed. This is an amazing mix of creativity and insanity that will bring in people who have no interest in regular golfing games and will want to build courses that boggle the mind and just make them happy. Now we'll see how long it takes until someone builds courses from famous films like Caddyshack, Happy Gilmore, and Tin Cup. (Bet you didn't think you'd be reading a Tin Cup reference today, but there it is.) Sadly, the editor is not available on the Nintendo Switch version, but it will be on all the others as the game comes out on August 21st, 2020.

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