Planet Zoo Releases The North America Animal Pack

Frontier Developments has added a brand new DLC expansion to Planet Zoo as players can now get the North America Animal Pack. You'll now be able to add in some ferocious beasts and other localized animals unique to that area of the world into your zoos, including the American Beaver, Moose, California Sea Lion, Cougar, American Alligator, Black-Tailed Prairie Dog, Arctic Fox, and American Bullfrog. The pack also comes along with a free update as the 1.7 Patch is now in effect. you can read a snippet about it below and the full details here.

Planet Zoo Releases The North America Animal Pack
Credit: Frontier Developments

Planet Zoo: Mapping Tools

Custom Heightmaps are making their way to Planet Zoo! These will allow you to really get creative with your map terrain via uploading image files. For more in-depth information on how this will work, check out our forum post from last week! But wait, that's not all! We also have new Terrain Type options coming to give you even more variation in pre-made maps.

When you go through your standard set-up for starting a new zoo, you will now have a new option: Terrain Type. From here, you'll be able to select "Flat", which is your standard map area that you know and love, or "Sculpted", a range of new options, with one new sculpted option per biome type. We won't spoil all of these so you can discover them yourselves, but one special one is the "Desert – Oceania" map, a flat desert with a mountain in the middle similar to Uluru!

You will now also be able to use Scenario Zoo maps in Sandbox Mode! There are 9 timed scenarios and 14 regular scenarios, which means 23 new terrain maps and 30+ new terrain variants! Though, please note that scenario maps are not available in Franchise Mode. Scenario Zoos in Sandbox Mode will also have the new "Terrain Only" button which removes everything except the terrain, another variation for you to start out with! This is perfect for people who want to jump into a Scenario Zoo terrain, but still have the freedom to create their own zoo from scratch.

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