Playing Boyfriend Dungeon at PAX West Made Us Question How We Date

When you see a game with a name like Boyfriend Dungeon on it at PAX West, your mind starts racing as to what it could specifically be about. Turns out it was a pretty awesome concept. Created by Kitfox Games in Canada, the game is half dating sim half dungeon crawler. For half the game you live an ordinary life, you have an apartment, a mom who texts you, and you have a dating life. You can choose to be any gender you wish and look however you'd like, while also seeking out a date/partner/lover in the process. Here's the catch: the dates you go on are the dungeons you crawl through and your date is the weapon you use to clear them out. Pretty cool, right?

I had a ton of fun finding what you would call the "best date" to head into the museum or the mall and taking out whatever lay in my path as I collected treasure. When you die, you don't really die, your date just ends early. I honestly can't wait for a full version of this game to be released. As of this post, Boyfriend Dungeon currently has a Kickstarter going, as they aim for a 2019 release on PC.

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