PlayWay & Freaky Games Reveals Pig Skater Simulator

PlayWay and Freaky Games dropped one weird bombshell on us today as we got our first look at Pig Skater Simulator. Three words you don't really expect to see come together. The game sounds about as convoluted as the premise, in fact, we have the entire synopsis for the game as written by the developers for you to read, because we found it too hilarious to skip over. But the game is everything it says it is, which is a pig who is also a skateboarder as you are simulating what it's like to be a skateboarding pig. No release date has been given fore this thing, they're basically just showing it off right now. But you can check out the trailer below as we wait for them to put out more info on what seems like a ludicrous premise come to life.

Because who doesn't want to be a skateboarding pig? Courtesy of PlayWay.
Because who doesn't want to be a skateboarding pig? Courtesy of PlayWay.

So, this pig just managed to escape from the lab. It seems that something activated in its brain in the face of danger and it became supe intelligent and it learnt to… skate? Yeah, it just grabbed a skateboard and started riding around like it's this porky porks second nature. And, you know what? This pig got some sick moves, bruh. It can do flips, spins, ollies and all the wicked stuff! Some people say it was even seen in the skateshop buying new boards and stuff. How does it pay for it's stylish looks? I heard this pig just loves pearls. That's why it destroys everything on it's way! Of course it's a common knowledge that when you smash stuff around, pearls start to fall out.

You really didn't know that? Oh, and when you observe the pig it feels like it's doing all this stuff on a purpose and with some kind of a plan. Like it's doing some kind of missions I'd say, you feel me? Maybe that's why it trashed all of the tables in the restaurants around for example. Besides the pearls it also gathers up points by doing those quote on quote "missions" and collecting pearls and crashing stuff. Yeah, I know the pigs don't know how to count… usually. But it's got a specialized app for that on it's mobile phone. How does it even use mobile phone is beyond me, but believe me – it does. Oh, no… oh no, it found a jetpack! This certainly won't end well. Oh the mayhem, the destruction!

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