Please Stop Asking Tony Hawk To Remaster His Games, He Doesn't Know How To Code

Tony Hawk has taken to Twitter to talk about the questions he continually gets about the Pro Skater series, essentially saying it is entirely out of his hands.

Tony Hawk

People want another good Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game. I'm sure a lot of you reading have very fond memories of the arcade skating game which really was a bit of a revolution back when it hit in the late 90s. They had a great attitude and introduced a lot of players to the culture of skateboarding, which likely still lasts to this day. However, with the release of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 and the not so great entries before the attempted revival, the series hasn't had a win in quite some time. On top of that, the servers for 5 were turned off a little while ago, causing extra frustration.

Well, as you imagine, this has plenty of people asking Hawk about what is next, are remasters coming and could those servers be turned back on. Of course, he doesn't actually have any sway on the direction of the franchise, nor the power to be able to help right now. In a tweet, he said he is no longer working with Activision at all, so can't help fans even though it seems he wants too.

One has to imagine that future games in the series are in jeopardy here and that it will likely be a while, if ever, we see another game. Its clear Hawk does have a desire to make a game happen though and make fans happy. It seems the current situation isn't quite conducive to that however. Hopefully, we get a great skateboarding game sometime in the future.