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Pokémon GO Announces Details For An Instinctive Hero Event

Niantic sets the details for the upcoming An Instinctive Hero event in Pokémon GO which will give Elekid a Spark-themed accessory.

Elekid gets a special costume in this new Pokémon GO event, but Shiny hunters and Living Dex collectors may have an issue with this release. Let's get into the details of the upcoming An Instinctive Hero event.

An Instinctive Hero Event graphic in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
An Instinctive Hero Event graphic in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

Here's what's happening in the An Instinctive Hero event in Pokémon GO:

  • Date and time: Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. to Monday, May 8th, 2023, at 8:00 p.m. local time.
  • New release: Wow. One of the few remaining Unova Pokémon that has yet to be released, Larvesta, will make its debut during this event. It will be featured in 2 KM, 5 KM, and 10 KN Eggs. Larvesta evolves into the powerful Volcarona but be sure to grind that Candy, as it will take 400 Larvesta Candy to pull off this evolution. That's a Gyarados-level evolution right there. I do wonder why wait until this event, which seems like random placement… but hey. At least we're getting it.
  • Special Research questline: A Team Instinct-themed Special Research led by Spark will lead to a single encounter with an Elekid wearing a Spark-themed accessory. This Elekid can be Shiny, so you'll either get a Shiny or a non-Shiny. RIP Living Dex collectors.
  • Event-themed Wild spawns: Same as the Mystic Hero event. None.
  • Field Research: These will lead to encounters with Magneton, Chansey, Electabuzz, Snorlax, Mantine, and Chimecho.
  • 7 KM Eggs: These include:
    • Shiny-capable: Mime Jr. which will be hatching out of region, Happiny, Mantype, Timburr, Karrablast, Axew, Shelmet
    • Cannot be Shiny: Goomy
  • 2 KM, 5 KM Eggs, and 10 KM Eggs: Larvesta alone is listed. Read on to see why that probably is wrong.
  • Event bonus: 
    • Increased chance of hatching Shiny Pokémon from Eggs, including 2 KM Eggs, 5 KM Eggs, and 10 KM Eggs. This is a terrific bonus and one that goes against the normal way Shinies work, which is species-based. I like it! Weird, though… that only Larvesta is listed as appearing in these Eggs. This is likely just poorly written information from Niantic, which is generally what we expect these days.
    • Double XP for hatching Pokémon from Eggs.
    • Double Stardust from… you guessed it. Hatching! It's an Egg event.

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