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Tonight is Houndour Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO: May 2023
All you have to do is drop two Star Pieces at the top of the hour to last the full Spotlight. This isn't just the final Spotlight Hour of May 2023 but also the final Spotlight Hour of the Season of Rising Heroes We do not yet know what the next Season of Pokémon GO will focus[...]
The Valorous Hero Event Begins Today in Pokémon GO
Niantic has announced the finale for the team-based events in Pokémon GO that have been running through the Season of Rising Heroes A Valorous Hero will begin today, featuring a Candela-themed Special Research questline that will lead to an encounter with a single Shiny-capable Ponyta wearing a Candela-themed accessory Let's get into the details. Ponyta in Pokémon[...]
Shiny Tapu Fini Features in Pokémon GO Raids in May 2023
Shiny Tapu Fini is just a few weeks away! Here are the new details for raids coming to Pokémon GO in May 2023 as we enter into the final third of the Season of Rising Heroes. Tapu Fini in Pokémon GO Credit: Niantic These are the Pokémon that will appear in Tier Five raids in Pokémon GO this[...]
A Mystic Hero Event Begins Today in Pokémon GO
We are sure to get an Instinct Hero and a Valor Hero to follow, likely all during the current Season of Rising Heroes I can only hope that the culmination of these events will allow players the chance to catch more than one of the featured Pokémon. Stay tuned for more updates on events and raids[...]