Pokémon GO Battle League Season 7 Part 2: Retro Cup Meta

The GO Battle League Season Seven is winding down in Pokémon GO and currently features one final run of league-specific gameplay before opening up all leagues next week. Right now, Retro Cup, which features the Great League CP limit of 1,500 but bans Fairy-, Steel-, and Dark-types is currently active. Prepare to take your buddies into battle with this guide, breaking down the top species to use in Pokémon GO Retro Cup battles during this second half of GO Battle League Season Seven.

Litleo and trainer in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Litleo and trainer in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

According to PVPoke, a platform that plugs in the stats of each species to determine the top meta of each league and cup, has the top twenty Master League choices in Pokémon GO listed as:

  1. Lickitung (powered up with Candy XL): Lick, Body Slam, Power Whip
  2. Froslass: Powder Snow, Avalanche, Shadow Ball
  3. Cresselia: Psycho Cut, Grass Knot, Moonblast
  4. Regirock: Lock On, Stone Edge, Focus Blast
  5. Hypno: Confusion, Shadow Ball, Thunder Punch
  6. Abomasnow: Powder Snow, Ice-type Weather Ball, Energy Ball
  7. Chansey (powered up with Candy XL): Pound, Psychic, Hyper Beam
  8. Defense Forme Deoxys: Counter, Psycho Boost, Rock Slide
  9. Altaria: Dragon Breath, Sky Attack, Dragon Pulse
  10. Shadow Abomasnow: Powder Snow, Ice-type Weather Ball, Energy Ball
  11. Snowy Forme Castform: Powder Snow, Ice-type Weather Ball, Blizzard
  12. Drifblim: Hex, Icy Wind, Shadow Ball
  13. Dewgong: Ice Shard, Icy Wind, Water Pulse
  14. Medicham (powered up with Candy XL): Counter, Ice Punch, Psychic
  15. Lickilicky: Lick, Body Slam, Shadow Ball
  16. Jellicent: Hex, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball
  17. Whiscash: Mud Shot, Mud Bomb, Blizzard
  18. Pachirisu (powered up with Candy XL): Volt Switch, Thunder Punch, Thundrbolt
  19. Shadow Dragonite: Dragon Breath, Dragon Claw, Draco Meteor
  20. Lapras: Ice Shard, Surf, Skull Bash

This might be a strange cup for Pokémon GO, but it is quite fun to see species like Pachirisu make the list because of the specific types being banned for the cup. My personal hope is to see Little Cup, which was quite strange and fun, brought back in GO Battle League Season Eight.

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