Pokémon GO Meowth Limited Research Day Review

Pokémon GO players had a busy weekend. On top of the Autumn-themed event came a twenty-page-long questline for Meowth Limited Research Day. This Saturday-only event had some marked difference from previous Limited Research Days in Pokémon GO, so let's take a look at what worked and what didn't.

Meowth Research Day promotional graphic. Credit: Niantic
Meowth Research Day promotional graphic. Credit: Niantic

In the past, the Shiny rates during Limited Research Days have been incredibly boosted. Lotad's day is recorded at "1 in 20.2," Clamperl's as "1 in 9.4," and Minccino's at "1 in 9.7." Though there is no completed data yet on Meowth Limited Research Day by researchers, a glimpse at social media during the day suggests that there was a dramatic change in this Pokémon GO event.

It's not that Alolan Meowth wasn't boosted. It is a permaboost species, both hatching from Eggs and appearing in the wild when featured in events at a rate of one in fifty. This is way, way up from the standard rate of one in 450… but obviously way, way down from previous Limited Research events in Pokémon GO. I would personally wager that Alolan Meowth did not have a special rate for this day and instead kept its normal permaboost rate.

The event featured twenty pages of tasks that rewarded fifty-nine Alolan Meowth encounters. Interestingly, it seemed that Kanto Meowth, only rewarded six times through the research and through rare Pokéstop tasks, did itself have a highly boosted Shiny rate for the event. Galarian Meowth was hardly present at all, with the Limited Research offering two shots at it… though, it never hurts to see that little guy in Pokémon GO. It's a good thing that they didn't release the Galarian Meowth in its Shiny form for this event, as it is deserving of its own full event along with its release.

Overall, the Meowth Limited Research day took "limited" very seriously. The tasks were easy to complete whether out and about or at home, but the repetitiveness could get a bit tedious. The rewards were solid, though, and while it wasn't exactly as exciting as previous examples of this event, it was still a Saturday of Pokémon GO gameplay well spent.

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