Pokémon GO to Add Gen 4 Pokémon and Raise the Level Cap

Some big news has just come out in regards to the next update for Pokémon GO, and of all the places it could have come from, it came from the mouth of Niantic CEO John Hanke and released on Twitter. Here's the short version: Hanke was sharing a flight with a player known on Twitter as @PokemonDoctorYT, who got into a conversation with Hanke about new updates coming to the game, which he, of course, shared on Twitter. That news was then reshared by @ReversalYouTube, one of the biggest Pokémon GO players online. That news? The game's level cap is going to be raised and there are Gen 4 Pokémon coming to the game.

Obviously, this is shared news from a conversation so there's no official news and dates added to the entire thing. Nor is there really anything we can reference as far as progress unless someone decides to datamine for the info. So right now, it's simply cool ideas that are on the way, confirmed by the head of the company. We'll keep you posted if the news gets confirmed down the line.

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