Pokémon Masters Receives A Content Update With Upcoming Events

It's been a minute since we heard from DeNA about Pokémon Masters, but now the game has a fresh new update with events. The devs had introduced Pokémon Eggs and the Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh into the game back in late-April as a sort of short-term update while we were all still in self-quarantine. Now the latest update has given us more content to keep us busy while still at home. Which includes Wally and Gallade as a brand new Sync Pair that will only last a couple of weeks, a rally that will go until the end of the month, a training event that will last you until May 27th, and some new bonus login perks that will be available for the next couple weeks. You can read more about the update below, which is available right now for the game.

A new May update for Pokémon Masters gives you a few new things to do.
A new May update for Pokémon Masters gives you a few new things to do.
  • New Sync Pair — Wally & Gallade (available now – May 27): This Fighting-type sync pair is available in the sync pair spotlight scout. A unique feature of this sync pair, shared only by a few others such as Steven & Metagross, Blue & Pidgeot, and Red & Charizard, is that Gallade transforms into Mega Gallade after executing a sync move.
  • The Pokémon Masters Blissful Bonanza! Rally (available now – May 30): Throughout this rally, a battle stage that can only be attempted once per day, will be available to complete for special rewards. This rally will be available to players who have completed Chapter 1 of the Main Story.
  • Fighting-Type Training Event (available now – May 27): This event allows players to more easily strengthen their Fighting-type sync pairs. Players will also be able to exchange items obtained in this event for power-ups to Korrina & Lucario's sync move.
  • Sync Pair Support Login Bonus (available now – May 27): Players that log in to the game daily throughout this period will be able to receive up to 2,100 gems

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