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Pokémon Masters EX Announces Galactic Nightmare Event
Following up on the first wave of 2022 content in Pokémon Masters EX content announced earlier this week, developer DeNA has updated players with information on more news regarding the game Let's get into the details. Cynthia & Giratina in Pokémon Masters EX Credit: DeNA Here is a breakdown of the new content coming to Pokémon Masters EX: Master[...]
Pokémon Masters EX Celebrates 2022 & Prepares for Sinnoh Villains
Let's take a look at what mobile developer DeNA is offering along with two new videos that were posted. Pokémon Masters EX graphic Credit: DeNA Here is a breakdown of the content currently available in Pokémon Master EX as part of the New Year's Rally 2022 event as announced in the new video dropped on the game's[...]
Pokémon Masters EX Debuts New Villain Arc
In our last update covering Pokémon Masters EX, the mobile game developed by DeNA had seemingly concluded its Main Story However, this is the world of Pokémon and just like the lyric that is now as old as the franchise itself, "every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." Let's get into the details of Pokémon[...]
Giovanni & Mewtwo Sync Pair Live Today in Pokémon Masters EX
Credit: DeNA New main story updates: A new YouTube video added to the official Pokémon Masters EX channel showcases sync pairs Red & Snorlax and Blue (Classic) & Aerodactyl The trailer hints at future updates to the currently concluded Main Story You can check that right here. The Lurking Shadow Legendary Event returns: Starting today at 6[...]
Pokémon Masters EX Gives Away 100 Sync Pairs for Anniversary
As previously hinted during last week's Pokémon Presents, mobile developer DeNA has a gift coming for Pokémon Masters EX players as part of the game's second anniversary They will be allowing players to add up to 100 Sync Pairs to their teams just by logging in Let's get into the details. Anniversary promo image[...]
Pokémon Masters EX Introduces Dynamax Sync Pair
DeNA Co., Ltd has announced the arrival of Sygna Suit Leon & Eternatus as the first sync pair with the ability to Dynamax in Pokemon Masters EX Dynamax and Gigantamax are mechanics introduced in Pokémon Sword & Sheild which allows Pokémon to boost their size and power Along with this addition, DeNA has announced a huge[...]
Gohan & Frieza Feature in Dragon Ball Super CG: Cross Spirits
DeNA Co., Ltd has announced the end of the first Pokémon Masters EX story arc This current arc concludes with Chapter 30, titled "The Road to Victory," beginning today In this final chapter, the player will battle Red & Charizard, Blue & Blastoise, and Leaf & Venusaur at the Pokémon Masters League Finals[...]
Pokémon TCG: Celebrations Promos Revealed: Lance's Charizard & More
DeNA Co., Ltd has announced the arrival of two new Galarian Sync Pairs coming this summer, including Gloria and Inteleon and the iconic Marnie and Grimsnarl Let's get into the details. Gloria, Marnie, & their partners in Pokémon Masters EX Credit: DeNA Here's the breakdown of everything you need to know about these new summer-themed Sync Pairs[...]
Pokémon Masters EX Introduces New Unova Pairs
In a new update, DeNA Co., Ltd has revealed Ingo & Excadrill and Emmet & Archeops as the new Sync Pairs coming to their mobile game, Pokémon Masters EX These Pairs, known as the "Subway Bosses of the Unova region," come along with a list of other new content that has been announced for the game. Pokémon[...]
Niantic Boosts GO Battle League Stardust in Pokémon GO After Backlash
DeNA Co., Ltd has announced new content coming to Pokémon Masters EX, including new sync pairs as well as a Pasio Street Fair. Pokémon Masters EX graphic Credit: DeNa The full slate of new content arriving in Pokémon Masters EX includes: "Town Square Street Fair" story event: Sync pairs can enjoy a Pasio street fair where they battling against Korrina, Fantina,[...]
Pokémon Masters EX Kicks off Kyogre & Groudon Story Event
DeNA Co., Ltd has announced the arrival of two new Master sync pairs, Archie & Kyogre and Maxie & Groudon, which can now be added to your team in Pokémon Masters EX. Masters of Land and Sea promo image in Pokémon Masters EX Credit: DeNa The new addition of Archie & Kyogre and Maxie & Groudon makes[...]
Kyogre, Groudon, Nessa, & Bea Feature in Pokémon Masters EX Events
Mobile game developer DeNA has announced a new slate of Pokémon Masters EX events featuring iconic Legendary Pokémon Kyogre and Groudon, as well as popular Sword & Shield-era trainers Nessa and Bea. Nessa & Drednaw in Pokémon Masters EX Credit: DeNA Here's the full slate of upcoming events in Pokémon Masters EX: Special Event Phase 2: Land and Sea Awaken: This[...]
Team Plasma Invades Pokémon Masters EX with the Legendary Kyurem
DeNA Ltd has announced a new update that will see Ghetis, the boss of the villainous Team Plasma, come to the Island of Pasio in Pokémon Masters EX with a dangerous Legendary Pokémon in tow: the Ice/Dragon-type beast itself, Kyurem Let's get into the details. Ghetsis & Kyurem in Pokémon Masters EX[...]
Xerneas & Yveltal Will Debut in Pokémon GO in May
DeNA Co., LLtd has announced a new series of updates for Pokémon Masters EX, including a new sync pair coming to the game: Gym Leader Raihan from Galar and his partner Pokémon, the Steel/Dragon-type Duraludon Let's get into the detais. Duraludon & Raihan in Pokémon Masters EX[...]
Spring Comes to Pokémon Masters EX with "Pasio Eggsplorers"
DeNA Co., Ltd., has announced, in partnership with The Pokémon Company International, their slate of Spring 2021 content and events in Pokémon Masters EX including the new "Pasio Eggsplorers" event Let's dig into the details. Pokémon Masters EX still Credit: Pokémon Blog The new additions in Pokémon Masters EX for Spring 2021 include: New sync pairs: Special versions of the[...]