Pokémon TCG Japan: Scarlet & Violet Ex Preview: Annihilape

After more than 25 years, Primeaple gets a new evolution called Annihilape which appears for the first time in this new #PokemonTCG set.

It's time for a new era. Pokémon TCG Japan has released two sets that kick off Generation Nine and bring Paldean Pokémon and Trainers to the Pokémon TCG for the first time. These two sister sets are Scarlet ex and Violet ex. These sets and as well as three 60-card Starter Set ex decks will be the basis of the English-language set Scarlet & Violet base coming out internationally on March 31, 2023. Starting with these sets, English-language versions of the sets will now more closely mirror Japanese expansions, using silver borders and set codes instead of set symbols. Scarlet ex and Violet ex also see the return of the original lowercase ex card type as well as the debut of the Terastal ex card type that will replace Vs and VMAX as Ultra Rares. We also now know that Illustration Rares and Special Illustration Rares, a card type that debuted in Crown Zenith, will return with this set, with ex cards being the mechanic we'll see depicted. Today, we take a look at another line of classic Kanto species that gets a new evolution with the introduction of Paldea in the Pokémon TCG.

Scarlet ex & Violet ex cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Scarlet ex & Violet ex cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG

The Mankey line has officially expanded. Violet ex includes the newly updated Mankey line with Mankey itself getting a strong illustration from nagimiso, who depicts this Fighting-type Pokémon running full speed toward us as if it's about to lay a whipping. Mankey evolves into Primeape, illustrated here in a similar pose by Ryuta Fuse, who shows the Pokémon throwing a punch. Finally, the new evolution that comes after more than a quarter century is Annihilape who appears on a holographic rare illustrated by Anesaki Dynamic. Here are the new Dex entries for Annihilape so we can get to know this newly evolved form of Primeape. The Dex entries read:

When its anger rose beyond a critical point, this Pokémon gained power that is unfettered by the limits of its physical body.

It imbues its fists with the power of the rage that it kept hidden in its heart. Opponents struck by these imbued fists will be shattered to their core.

Japanese sets often give us early ideas of what the English-language sets may include, so be sure to keep an eye on our coverage. You can stay tuned for previews of Scarlet & Violet cards as well as updates on everything Pokémon TCG right here at Bleeding Cool.

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