PopSlinger Will Release On Nintendo Switch In Late January 2022

Funky Can Creative revealed this week that they will be releasing their musical shooter game PopSlinger for the Nintendo Switch in January. In a bit of a throwback to some arcade classics, you will shoot it out with aliens looking to invade our planet, with a fun animated style and a funky little soundtrack that will keep you playing the game for hours. The game is currently set to be released on January 26th, provided there's no setbacks over the next several weeks. Enjoy the latest trailer below giving you a look at the action!

PopSlinger Will Release On Nintendo Switch In Late January 2022
Credit: Funky Can Creative

Enter into a hand-drawn, marker art style world as Ria Carbon, a regular girl turned into the overconfident goofball hero PopSlinger. Set out to save the planet from sinister invaders using Ria's soda-powered guns, popping everything in sight, and having fun with magical powers bestowed upon her by a former PopSlinger named Gin. As Earth's new savior, Ria combats the nefarious invaders stirring up conflict and dispersing corruption, clashing with an agent from a secret organization and her coffee-powered guns along the way. Pop, dodge, and slam gooey monsters, including the ultra-strong bosses leading the invasion, known as Corazones. Utilize strategic battle sequences in beat 'em up clashes, all while racking up high scores.

Climb to the top of the scoreboard implementing arcade-inspired scoring mechanics and a ranking system to unlock flavored-guns including the Cola laser, straw shooting Strawberry, and cap popper Orange. Collect Popping Souls, ghostly-looking bottle caps in various colors which double as sources of power for other weapons and to increase Ria's health.

Gain Popping Powers by shooting sequences of colored enemy gloops. Obtain the mighty magical Dream Time, making Ria unbeatable and collecting massive points for the ranks, by perfecting multiple sequences in a row. Choose targets depending on the abilities needed: double invokes Gin as a rearguard, while heal summons a can of soda to speed up her recovery. As the story progresses, expect more challenges and for soundtrack beats to become faster, livelier, and more intense, all while immersing in a gorgeous world.

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