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Porygon Community Day Guide For Pokémon GO Trainers

Porygon Community Day is happening this Sunday, September 20th from 11 AM to 5 PM local time. With this guide, Pokémon GO trainers can optimize on this event, catch a ton of Shiny Porygon, and rake in the XP.

Porygon Community Day Guide for Pokémon GO Trainers. Credit: Niantic
Porygon Community Day Guide for Pokémon GO Trainers. Credit: Niantic

First, a few details of Porygon Community Day that cannot be forgotten. Before getting out there and catching all of the wild Porygon you can, take care of this:

  • Snapshot Encounters: Porygon will be photobombing during the Community Day hours. Though it hasn't yet been announced formally how many trainers will receive, it's always been five in the past.
  • Community Day Box: There's a rather pricey box in the in-game shop, as there always is in all recent Community Days. This box includes Incense, Lucky Eggs, and Ultra Balls, none of which are worth the price. The thing that makes the box so expensive is the Elite Fast TM, which can only be purchased every other Community Day or won at the end of every other season of GO Battle League. This box is only worth it if you need an Elite Fast TM for something like a Smack Down Tyranitar or a Rock Throw Omastar.
  • Lucky Eggs: If you're not Level 40 yet, put enough on to last the whole event. Porygon Community Day will boast triple XP.
  • Decoding Porygon: Stay tuned for Bleeding Cool's deep dive into this ticket to see if this paid research is worth the asking price.

Now, as far as catching wild Porygon, here's what you're going to want to do. Before the event starts, clear your storage of items you're not going to be using: Razz Berries, Nanab Berries, and the less effective potions. Take advantage of this time before Porygon spawns flood in to spin as many stops as possible and stack up on Balls, with a major focus on Ultra Balls. If you're playing the event at home, it's important to stock up like this because Niantic no longer has your Buddy bringing you Pokéballs during Community Day.

Trainers playing from home on Incense will have no problem getting enough Shiny Porygon to clog their storage. However, if you're a hardcore trainer looking to hunt down the best IVs, the best way to catch as many Pokémon as possibe during Porygon Community Day will be in a place with many concentrated Pokéstops and Gyms. Just remember to mask up and be safe.

Lastly, be sure to evolve Porygon up to Porygon2 and, ultimately, Porygon-Z before the event ends. Every Porygon-Z evolved during the event hours, and up to two hours after, will have the special move Tri Attack that has a 50% chance to lower the opponent's Attack and Defense during PVP battles. Our tip here is to set an alarm to do this evolution, as there's nothing worse than realizing you're just a few minutes too late.

Happy hunting, fellow trainers. This may be the most hype for a Community Day since 2019, so get out there and have fun.

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