Programmer Discovers Weird Fact About Majora's Mask Stars

All these years later, people are still finding weird facts and secrets about classic games, like this new gem from The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask. There's a lot about the mechanics of the game that still has people coming back to it all these years later, even though the vast majority of them are taken from Ocarina of Time so the company could quickly turn around a sequel to capitalize on its popularity. But it seems there are still original additions in the game people are discovering to this day, including this oddity that actually makes everyone's experience in the game unique.

Apparently, every time you look up at the sky at night in Majora's Mask… that arrangement of stars is unique to that game file.

The fault, dear Majora, is not in our stars, but in our programming. Courtesy of Nintendo.
The fault, dear Majora, is not in our stars, but in our programming. Courtesy of Nintendo.

It's true! A programmer by the name of Zel took to Twitter to pen their discovery as they showed off the coding within the game that makes this possible. Every time you load a new game and create a name for the save file, this program randomizes the position of the stars in the sky based on the letters you choose and the sequence they are in. It even factors in whether you use capital letters or keep things lowercase.

It's such an oddity, and a cool one at that, to see be added to a game like this over 20 years ago. The fun part about this is that someone calculated all the possibilities for different star systems in the sky, and there are over 5.3 billion combinations you could get based on just the English 26 letter and 10 number arrangement. The downside to all this… If your save file is just "Dave", then yes, you are seeing the same stars as everyone else named "Dave" in the game. A good reason to get more creative and silly with save file names.

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