Pulling A God Pack From A Dragon Ball Super: Cross Spirits Booster Box

Pre-release events began for Dragon Ball Super Card Game's upcoming set, Cross Spirits, this past weekend. I was able to attend one of these events at Brother's Grim Games and Collectible in New York where I got my hands on two booster boxes, three pre-release packs, and six loose packs. Leading up to the official wide release of Cross Spirits this tomorrow, August 13th, I will open and review these products for Bleeding Cool's Dragon Ball fans. So far, I've done a booster box and the packs. Finally, let's get to that second booster box.

Cross Spirits Booster Box. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game
Cross Spirits Booster Box. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

First up, let's get to the most noticeable thing about this box. It was, with one exception, every bit the standard booster box, which made that exception stand out that much more. Very early into the opening… I pulled a God Pack.

Now, you can read about God Packs right here, but the very basic breakdown is that every card rather than one card is foil. Then, instead of a chance at just one SR or SPR for the rare, you are guaranteed two SRs and one SPR in Cross Spirits God Packs. This was awesome. The one slight bummer was that the I'd already pulled the Bardock SPR I received in my other openings, but I was very thrown off by this God Pack. I'd managed to pull a God Pack in the loose packs I'd gotten, so the fact that I opened two of this incredibly rare find in a day had me wondering if God Packs are beginning to be more common. I can't confirm this, as I haven't seen many others, so I currently believe I was lucky. However, I recommend folks give their shot at testing their own luck, because this set is great.

SS4 Bardock SPR. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game
SS4 Bardock SPR. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Now that I've opened multiple Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Cross Spirits products, I was able to notice finer details with this third and final (for now) opening. I previously reported that there was a change in the style of SPR, which adds a corner of textured gold foil, but not every SPR gets this. The use of this, which you can see in the artwork above, seems dependent on the artwork.

Overall, with two full boxes and six loose packs opened, that means I'm fifty-four packs into Cross Spirits. I'll let my overall impression of the set cook over time as I build my binder and open upcoming products, like the Special Pack, but I'm currently enjoying it quite a bit. As far as the artwork, I'm putting it as a tie with Supreme Rivalry as the best current Unison Warrior series set. The SS2 Gohan content reaaaally boosts Supreme Rivalry, but Cross Spirits is a more well-rounded set with better art, cooler Secret Rares, and stronger focuses than we've seen throughout the era. From the perspective of a collector rather than a player, this set leaves the Dragon Ball Super Card Game in an exciting place.

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