Pure Pokémon Nostalgia As Sealed Blue Version Hits Auction

Immortalize your childhood Pokémon nostalgia today by bidding for this graded, cased copy of the original game, Pokémon Blue. Along with the Red Version and, in Japan, the Green Version, this was the first-ever game that introduced the world of Pokémon to the world. What would follow was something that many thought to be a fad that the decades following the game's 1998 release would prove to be anything but. Pokémon is the most popular media franchise in the world, with top-ranked video games as the main series that began with Blue and Red continues over twenty years later, a multi-billion dollar hit with the mobile game Pokémon GO, and a huge and lasting success in the trading card game, which has been revitalized in the past year. It all began with the Game Boy games, which began with a choice: Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander. After that, the player would journey out into the world of Kanto, where the first generation of species could be encountered. Many remember the games with fondness and immense nostalgia, but looking back, it's nice to remember that the games were actually brilliant. This world is nuanced, fun, weird, and limitless in its creativity, and now, you can have an immortalized piece in your collection, showcasing how it all started.

Pokémon Blue game. Credit: Heritage Auctions
Pokémon Blue game. Credit: Heritage Auctions

Pokémon Blue Version – Wata 7.0 A++ Sealed [Pixel ESRB, Early Production], GB Nintendo 1998 USA

Video game for the Game Boy, Nintendo's first handheld console. Pokemon Red and […] Blue are both the first installment in the Pokemon video game series. Produced in part by Shigeru Miyamoto and directed by Satoshi Tajiri. Music composed by Junichi Masuda. Features Blastoise on the front cover, drawn by Ken Sugimori. From the Pokémon Central Collection.

You can make that nostalgia into a collection piece by bidding for this cased, graded version of the Blue Version now over at Heritage Auctions.

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