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"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" Launch Trailer Delivers Explosive Action

Captain Price From Call Of Duty is Doing Charity Shoutouts

How would you like to get a shoutout from Captain Price himself from Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare? You can for a great cause. Activision and Infinity Ward announced today on Twitter that they have partnered up with Cameo to give you a chance at getting a personalized recording from the Captain, with all the […]

"Nine To Five" Makes A Brief Appearance During The Game Awards

Redhill Games Releases First Nine To Five Gameplay Trailer

It's been a minute since we heard anything about Nine To Five when the game made its debut announcement at The Game Awards. Redhill Games did a wonderful job promoting the game for the brief moment we saw in the middle of all the chaos, but they didn't really do much on the follow-up until […]

Call Of Duty: Warzone Introduces Battle Royale Duos

Call Of Duty: Warzone just got a new mode that should make people who love duos happy as you now have Battle Royale Duos. As you might already suspect from the name, the mode will focus on sending in teams of two into the middle of the warzone map to fend for themselves and try […]

Giveaway: Ten Steam Codes For Dungeon Defenders: Awakened

Giveaway: Ten Steam Codes For Dungeon Defenders: Awakened

Would you like to get a code to play Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on Steam? We have a chance for you to do so as we have ten codes to give away. Chromatic Games were kind enough to give us a set of codes to give out for people to play the game. However, because there's […]

Dark Souls Board Game Announces Terrifying New Expansion

Dark Souls Board Game Announces Terrifying New Expansion

Steamforged Games, well known for their original games Guild Ball and Godtear as well as licensed games such as the Resident Evil 3 board game, has released a new expansion for their ever-popular, ever-terrifying board game version of Dark Souls. Called the Executioner's Chariot, solicitations for this expansion begin immediately, and last until July 10th, with the street release date for the […]

Scholastic & Cosmic Forces Announce Goosebumps:

Scholastic & Cosmic Forces Announce Goosebumps: Dead Of Night

Scholastic, Sony Pictures Consumer Products, and Cosmic Forces have teamed up to announced a new video game in Goosebumps: Dead Of Night. The game will be a survival horror experience title based on the film series and the R.L. Stine's book series. Reimagined for consoles and PC, the game followed of events from their hit […]

Patrick Mahomes Named Madden NFL 20 Cover Athlete

The NFL & EA Sports Announce New Multi-Year Partnership

EA Sports announced a brand new deal this week with both the NFL and the NFLPA to renew their partnership for a multi-year deal. This new deal marks the biggest and widest-reaching gaming agreement in NFL history Under the partnership of EA Sports, their Madden NFL franchise will exclusively create authentic football simulation games, as […]

Blair Witch Will Release On Nintendo Switch On June 25th

Lionsgate Games and Blooper team announced this week that Blair Witch will be coming to the Nintendo Switch next month. The game will be one of the few Mature-rated titles on the console and be sold for $30 on the eShop. At launch the game will include the "Good Boy Pack" update, offering players the […]

Riot Games Updates Their Figures From Valorant's Closed Beta

This morning, Riot Games announced updated figures from the recently ended closed beta period for Valorant. According to their info, over the course of the game's two-month beta period, an average of nearly three million players logged on daily. Those who couldn't play watched on several social gaming platforms, watching a total of more than […]

Disintegration Receives A New Multiplayer Modes Trailer

V1 Interactive and Private Division have released a new multiplayer trailer for their upcoming action game Disintegration. There's a lot of options they will be throwing into the game that utilizes the unique mix of choices you have in multiplayer mode. The mix of solider/vehicle changes a lot of ways to approach matches, and the […]

Who Won The Brand New Red Bull Power Spike Tournament

Who Won The Brand New Red Bull Power Spike Tournament

The brand new Red Bull Power Spike wrapped up on May 24th. The month-long League of Legends tournament was exciting for both players and viewers, who all got to enjoy the daily 1v1 tournaments from the comfort of their own homes. From April 27 to May 24th, we saw thousands of players test their skills for […]

Harvest Moon: One World is making its way to PlayStation 4.

Harvest Moon: One World Is Headed To PlayStation 4 This Fall

Harvest Moon: One World was previously announced by Natsume and Rising Star Games earlier this month as a new Nintendo Switch title. Now, it's also coming to PlayStation 4. The latest installment in the Natsume-helmed Harvest Moon series (not Story of Seasons) will bring classic farming action to your favorite console later this year. Harvest […]

New Unit Classes Will Be Coming To "Stronghold: Warlords"

Giveaway: Twenty Steam Codes For Stronghold: Warlords Demo

Would you like to get in on a demo of Stronghold: Warlords on Steam? We have a chance for you to do so as we have 20 codes to give away. Firefly Studios were kind enough to give us a set of codes to give out for people to try out the game. However, because […]

World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Will Give An Update On June 9th

Blizzard Entertainment announced this week they'll have new information to reveal about World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands. The company revealed that on June 9th, we will see World of Warcraft Executive Producer John Hight and Game Director Ion Hazzikostas, live from their homes, as they share a look at some of the new content from the next […]

The PS Vita was the center of attention during the most recent The Last of Us Part 2 footage.

The PS Vita Stole The Show In The Latest The Last Of Us Part II Video

The newest video showing off an extended amount of gameplay footage from The Last Of Us Part II featured 20 minutes of the game meant to wow viewers. But what ended up really stealing the show was a brief moment that featured a PS Vita and a girl playing it. That was certainly one of the […]

Square Enix Reveals Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Release Date

Square Enix Reveals Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Release Date

Square Enix finally revealed today when we would finally see Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition released. We now know the game will be headed to the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and mobile devices with cross-platform play on August 27th, 2020. This is a complete rework of the original 2003 game as they have brought it […]

EA and Respawn Entertainment's are Bringing the ALGS this Summer

Apex Legends Global Series Coming From EA & Respawn Entertainment

For esports fans looking for something to cheer on while the world is still under lockdown, EA and Respawn Entertainment have announced their new Summer Circuit in the Apex Legends Global Series — a four-month-long series of online competitions. This competition will bring the Apex competitive community together like never before, by giving competitors ample […]

Square Enix Shows Off A New Outriders Gameplay Video

This morning, Square Enix treated players to a brand new video for their upcoming game Outriders, showing off more gameplay. Along with developer People Can Fly, this first video shows off a demo for the first major city you explore on the new planet. As you may recall from our report back in February, you're […]

Fortnite Will Launch Chapter 2 - Season 3 On June 11th

Fortnite Will Launch Chapter 2 – Season 3 On June 11th

Epic Games revealed this morning that they will finally launch Chapter 2 – Season 3 of Fortnite next month with the new date of June 11th. The word came down on their social media and website this morning, letting players who were wondering how long they'd have to wait to know when the next season […]

PlayStation debuted 20 minutes of new The Last of Us Part 2 footage.

Check Out 20 Minutes Of New The Last Of Us Part II Gameplay

The Last of Us Part II is finally on its way to eager PlayStation 4 owners in mid-June. That means Sony has been pumping out new looks at the game's mechanics and narrative. During a lengthy State Of Play broadcast, game director Neil Druckmann introduced some new footage and several bits and pieces of information that […]