Razer Announces Latest MMO Mouse With The Naga X

This morning, Razer revealed the latest gaming mouse from their MMO lineup with the unveiling of the Naga X. The Naga line has been one of the best on the market for players who want to have access to all their options in MMO titles without having to delegate part of their time to number keys on a keyboard, utilizing the number pad on the side. This version of the series keeps that signature programable button grid, along with the additions of making the mouse lighter and more comfortable with a host of new features. You can read more about the mouse below as it is currently on sale for $80 through the company's website and select retailers.

A look at the new Naga X gaming mouse, courtesy of Razer.
A look at the new Naga X gaming mouse, courtesy of Razer.

The Naga X features 16 programmable buttons that are ergonomically positioned for quick access. Each button can be assigned to basic functions like casting spells to advanced functions, such as macros combining multiple command keys all at once. Additionally, Razer HyperShift mode allows for a full secondary set of button assignments that is activated when the HyperShift button is held down.

Retaining all the features that makes the Razer Naga the prime choice for MMO gamers, the Razer Naga X weighs only 85-grams, making it the lightest Razer Naga mouse to date. Now being upgraded with the 2nd-Gen Razer Optical Mouse Switches used in Razer's latest top-of-the-line mice, gamers get to enjoy the benefit of the fastest actuation speeds and unmatched reliability, allowing them to cast their spells and time their rotations perfectly.

The Naga X sports the Razer 5G Advanced Optical Sensor, Razer Speedflex cable for unrestricted movement and 100% PTFE Mouse Feet for the smoothest glides across any surface, giving MMO gamers the ultimate mobility to last long hours of gameplay. The Naga X also features on-board memory storage for gamers to easily access personal settings including keymap settings on the go. It is powered by Razer Chroma RGB for full personalization and an immersive gaming experience.

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