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SteelSeries Unveils Aerox 3 & Aerox Wireless 2022 Gaming Mice
SteelSeries has unveiled two new gaming mouse additions to their lineup with the Aerox 3 and the Aerox Wireless 2022 mice Both of these mice have a few slight improvements over their predecessors, as the company is pushing a lighter design with better sensitivity and tech built-in to give you two options for a fast[...]
CORSAIR Reveals The Sabre RGB Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse
CORSAIR revealed a brand new gaming mouse this week for their peripherals line with the Sabre RGB Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse This version builds on previous models of the same line with a slightly more streamlined design and upgrades to make it more powerful and responsive as a wireless mouse compared to being wired in[...]
Razer Releases Basilisk V3 Customizable Gaming Mouse
Razer dropped a brand new gaming mouse this week into the product line as gamers can now get their hands on the new Basilisk V3 This particular design was created to have advanced customizability for the best kind of control over how you choose to play, with 10+1 programmable buttons and an intelligent scroll wheel[...]
Razer Reveals Ultra-Light & Portable Wireless Gaming Mouse
Razer showed off a brand new ultra-light and portable wireless gaming mouse this week in the form of the Orochi V2 This version is more of a compact design that was made to be taken anywhere you need it to go, complete with a power system when it can get over 900 hours of use[...]
CORSAIR Reveals K70 RGB TKL Gaming Keyboard & SABRE PRO Mice
Full N-key rollover with 100% anti-ghosting ensures every keypress registers exactly as intended, and a dedicated Windows Key Lock mode guarantees you'll never interrupt your game. Credit: CORSAIR Designed with the feedback of leading esports pros from teams such as Team Secret, Vitality, and Envy, the new CORSAIR SABRE RGB PRO and SABRE PRO strip the gaming mouse back[...]
CORSAIR Reveals Katar Pro XT Mouse & MM700 RGB Mouse Pad
CORSAIR launched a pair of products together this week with the Katar Pro XT Gaming Mouse and the MM700 RGB Extended Mouse Pad The mouse has been designed to have a lighter touch to it as well as better durability and a faster response, making it ideal for gamers to get the best reaction time[...]
Razer Reveals Their Fastest Gaming Mouse With The Viper 8KHz
Razer revealed a brand new mouse today which they're touting as the world's fastest gaming mouse in the Viper 8KHz We have full details on the mouse below but the shorthand to this one is that it is the only esports gaming mouse with a true 8000Hz Polling rate by using the company's new HyperPolling[...]
Razer Announces Latest MMO Mouse With The Naga X
This morning, Razer revealed the latest gaming mouse from their MMO lineup with the unveiling of the Naga X The Naga line has been one of the best on the market for players who want to have access to all their options in MMO titles without having to delegate part of their time to number[...]
Mad Catz Reveals The B.A.T. 6+ Gaming Mouse For CES 2021
Mad Catz decided to show off a brand new gaming mouse this morning before CES 2021 as they unveiled the new B.A.T 6+ This mouse is basically an all-around improvement on their previous model, including interchangeable additions that allow you to customize it however you wish, with what appears to be a direct catering effort[...]
Razer Reveals Viper Ultimate Cyberpunk 2077 Edition
Razer is getting in on the Cyberpunk 2077 hype as they have released a new themed version of the Viper Ultimate gaming mouse To be clear, this is a Viper Ultimate with Charging Dock, which is basically the best version of this particular line As you can see from the image here, they have gone[...]
Razer Unveils Their New Modular Gaming Mouse In The Naga Pro
Razer revealed a brand new gaming mouse today for people who need all the buttons they can get with the new Naga Pro This version of the mouse has more removable plates than you'll know what to do with as you can customize the sides to operate however you see fit You get three button[...]
Auto Draft
Razer revealed a brand new gaming mouse this week for players to check out, as they have now introduced the DeathAdder V2 Mini The mouse was created by the company in response to the community's frequent requests for a smaller version of one that would be more lightweight While also providing the player with the[...]
LogitechG Reveals The G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse
Logitech introduced a new product this morning as they unveiled the new G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse to the public The big promotion behind this is that it's a fully functional gaming mouse that was also designed to be used in other aspects beyond just gaming It's an everyday kind of mouse that can also[...]