Razer Renames Their Facemask Project Hazel To Be The Razer Zephyr

Razer revealed today that they have officially named their new facemask, previously known as Project Hazel, to the Razer Zephyr. Earlier in the year, the company revealed that they had created their own wearable air purifier that would light up and make it easier to see someone's face while breathing. Essentially, a major item for gamers to use in the middle of the pandemic. We haven't heard a lot about it as the vaccinations for COVID-19 rolled out, and even a few websites reported that the project was probably canceled. Not the case, it seems, as the company sent out the tweet you see below, along with the statement we have from a company rep about the gear as they are clearly pushing forward with its production.

Razer Renames Their Facemask Project Hazel To Be The Razer Zephyr
Credit: Razer

"Razer is working on mass producing a smart face mask inspired by Project Hazel, the concept design that was presented at CES 2021. Razer Zephyr will launch in early Q4 2021 as part of Razer's portfolio of surgical, cloth, and smart masks. It will include features borrowed from the original concept design, but with a focus on affordability and practicality for everyday wear."

We've been seeing the masks pop up on social media it appears streamers and influencers have been receiving the masks as part of the beta period. It appears the company is testing them out and seeing how effective they are in the regular world beyond their own testing phase before rolling out the line. At the moment the Zephyr doesn't have a release date beyond the idea that they want to release it in Q4 2021, and if we had to take a guess, they probably want them out sooner than later with the way things are happening in regular life. We're also waiting to see what the price point will be, which may be the deciding factor for many as to whether they want to purchase it.

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