Razer Reveals The Arctech Pro 2020 For The iPhone 12 Series

In the wake of the reveal of the iPhone 12, Razer has revealed their own item to complement it with the Arctech Pro 2020. Like their previous models, this is designed specifically for gaming with a few signature additions to benefit the phone in multiple ways. The company has designed a few different model sizes for whatever version of the phone you may get, the same as they've done with previous models for both iOS and Android phones. This updated version is primarily a protective smartphone case with Thermaphene Cooling Technology, along with an interior designed to keep your smartphone cooler during longer mobile gaming sessions. There are also reinforced side panels for added strength and safety, which will allow it to be much more comfortable to hold. And in case you're wondering, yes, it is compatible with5G and wireless charging, and comes with an anti-bacterial coating. You can currently buy one for $45 in all three sizes from their website and select retailers. We have a little more info on it below along with some screenshots to give you a better perspective on the design.

A look at the Arctech Pro 2020 for the iPhone 12, courtesy of Razer.
A look at the Arctech Pro 2020 for the iPhone 12, courtesy of Razer.

With this cutting-edge smartphone case, the only thing turning up the heat is you. Experience optimal phone performance with its Thermaphene Cooling Technology, and feel the heat dissipate through a sleek, perforated design that also provides heavy duty protection. A thermally conductive layer redirects trapped heat through vented channels and is more effective at keeping your phone from overheating during intense use, preventing CPU slowdowns that may cause in-game lag or stutter. As your phone is a commonly used device that can come into contact with various surfaces or hands during daily use, the case comes with a layer of protection that prevents the growth of bacteria.

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