Red Bull Kumite 2021: Tekken 7 Round-Robin Results

We're live in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace where Red Bull has taken over for two days of competition with Red Bull Kumite 2021. This is their first major in-person fighting tourney since the pandemic happened last year, and with strict health protocols in place, we're here checking out both days of the games. Day one has Tekken 7 and Guilty Gear ~Strive~, as we have the results from all the round-robin matches in Tekken 7 for you here.

Red Bull Kumite 2021: Guilty Gear ~Strive~ Round Robin Results
Credit: Red Bull

Red Bull Kumite 2021: Tekken 7 Round-Robin – Part 1

Gen vs. Anakin

Gen popped into the match using Fahkumram while Anakin went with his main man Jack-7. The first match was pretty simplistic ad Gen hammered hard and kept Anakin down to sweep each round and go up 1-0.  It looked like Anakinmight make a comeback, but we got the same result with another sweep as Gen took the set 2-0

Knee vs. Book

Knee came into the match rocking Steve while Book decided to go with Lidia for his fighter. Knee wasted no time prepping for his opponent as he rean right through Book in the first match for a quick three and the 1-0 lead. The second match was basically a rinse and repeat of the first as Knee swept through and made short work of Book with a 2-0 to move on.

Cuddle Core vs. JDCR

Cuddle popped into the match going with Xiroyu while JDCR went with Armor King. The first match was pretty even between the two, however, Cuddle ended up being the one to finish off the first two founds, followed by JDCR on the third. Some smart moves in round four gave her the final win to take the 1-0 lead. The second set was again, evenly matched, as they took each other to the limit for a couple of wins apiece, but it ended in JDCR snagging the last win to tie it up 1-1. The third set of matches showed JDCR getting into his groove as he fended off Cuddle to take the victory and win 2-1.

Super Akouma vs. Infested

Super decided to go into this match with Akuma while Infested picked Fahkumram for the set. Both players were taking each other down to the wire in every fight for the first set, but ultimately Super took the first round 3-1 for the 1-0 lead. The second set started with a perfect from Infested, then a near loss only to end it with a fraction of health left, followed by another comeback victory to sweep it and tie things up 1-1. Infested got another two quick victories in the third round and looked like he may make it a quick win, but Super came back for a blistering two victories to tie it up. The final fight saw the best of both as it was evenly matched, but Super ran away with a quick hit at the end to win 2-1.


Red Bull Kumite 2021: Tekken 7 Round-Robin – Part 2

Gen vs. Knee

Knee decided to switch it up to Devil Jin this round while Gen chose to go with Lidia. For the first half of the first match, everything looks a bit even between the two as they traded wins, but then Knee pushed on the offense and scored two quick wins for the 1-0 lead. Gen decided to switch it up with Fahkumram against Devil Jin for the second round, scoring a perfect win right out the gate. While Knee got a win, he was dominated that set to make it a 1-1 tie. To counter the first switch, Knee chose to go with Steve to combat the Fahkumram. A wise choice as he pulled off the same response as Gen did with his switch, taking the round in a 3-1 battle to win it 2-1.

Anakin vs. Book

Anakin went in with Jack-7 while Book brought Lidia in for this one. The first match was pretty evenly matched as they traded off wins, but Anakin managed to eek out the victory in the fifth round to go up 1-0. The second match was nearly academic as he found the pattern to make it work and took the second round pretty easily for a 2-0 win.

Cuddle Core vs. Infested

Infested came into this round with Fahkumram while Cuddle chose to go with Alisa. Infested dominated the round as he was able to easily figure out the attack pattern and set up the best blocks for a clean sweep to go up 1-0. It looks like Cuddle found her groove in the second set of matches as she plucked two victories, but Infested was able to tie it up and then eventually got the hard KO with a sliver of health left as he went up 2-0 for the win.

Super Akouma vs. JDCR

JDCR went into this one with Dragunov, and as predicted, Super chose to go with Akuma. All three of these matches in the first round practically came down to the wire as the first was a close call until Super took the win, then a time-limit victory for Super as he won by a sliver of health, and then with :02 seconds left don't he clock a defined victory as Super went up 1-0. JDRC switched to Armor King for the next round, but it didn't matter much as Super looked comfortable during this entire round, taking the first two matches with ease before JDRC scored a victory on the third. But super put an end to that combat quickly in the fourth with the KO and winning it 2-0.


Red Bull Kumite 2021: Tekken 7 Round-Robin – Part 3

Gen vs. Book

Gen decided to stick to his guns with Lidia while Book went with Jin this time around. Gen made suck quick work of Book in this first two rounds, it was almost unbelievable. He almost made it three but Book snuck in a victory on low health. It didn't matter much as Gen fired back with another quick victory for the 1-0 lead. The second set was almost a copy of what we saw before as Gen ran over Book as his jin just didn't have the answers, giving him the 2-0 for their last round-robin set.

Knee vs. Anakin

Knee decided to go with Geese this time while Anakin went with Jack-7. Knee basically owned Anakin the first set as every time it looked like he might be able to make a comeback, he got shut down and Knee sent him packing for the 1-0 lead. Anakin looked like he might make a comeback with two wins in the second round, but failed to execute on the third game at the end as he gave away a victory to Knee, which led to a reverse sweep. Knee went up 2-0 and will move on with Gen in the semi's.

Cuddle Core vs. Super Akouma

Cuddle came back to this fight with Alisa and Super chose, yet again, Akuma. The first round was pretty even between the two getting in their licks where they could, but Cuddle ended up owning him pretty decently for the 1-0 lead. The second match was again, evenly matched between the two, as they tied it up at two apiece, but Cuddle owned the last round and delivered the 2-0 loss to Super.

JDRC vs. Infested

Infested decided to work with Armor King for this one while JDRC brought in Fahkumram. The two battled it out with some close calls on both sides, but JDRC was able to snag the first victory to go up 1-0. Not so much with the second set as JDRC basically owned most of the matches and walked out with a sweep for the 2-0 win.

The top four moving onto the semifinals of the Tekken 7 tournament will be Gen, Knee, JDRC, and Super Akouma.

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