Resident Evil Resistance Receives A New Content Roadmap

Now that Resident Evil Resistance has been released, the developers at Capcom have sent out a new content roadmap to show what's coming. While the initial game is in place and a lot of the content within looks pretty solid for the time being, we know there's a lot more they could do with this game. So it was only a matter of time before we ended up hearing what new additions they were going to be adding to the title. That news came yesterday as they took to the Resident Evil Twitter feed and posted the image below, letting us get a glimpse of the roadmap and all of the changes they're working on. The first thing on the list is one of the more obvious additions that they already teased, as we're going to be getting the RE3 version of Jill Valentine on April 17th. She doesn't come with any additional material or whatnot, it's basically just the character with her own set of dialog like other characters in the game.

A look at the Resident Evil Resistance roadmap, courtesy of Capcom.
A look at the Resident Evil Resistance roadmap, courtesy of Capcom.

The next two parts to this are basically here for speculation purposes because all we get from the company is a silhouette of a guy and a bunch of construction banner tape. Starting with the guy, it would only make sense at this point that if you're adding a survivor with Jill to start, the next logical addition would be another Mastermind in the killer role. Which is probably what we're going to be seeing in May. As to who it could be, there are a few possibilities out there. The key to all of it is that they actually have to make sense. The second part of this with the construction tape would indicate they're building something, so a good guess on that is we're getting a new level to play on in June. Granted, we have a few levels to play with that are pretty intricate and people aren't really speedrunning their way through since the game is so new. But by then, that seems like a good addition.

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