[REVIEW] Ride 3 is More of the Same, But Better

[REVIEW] Ride 3 is More of the Same, But Better
credit// Milestone S.r.l.

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Milestone's Ride 3 is exactly as immersive a motorcycle racer as you'd expect from Milestone. Your bike customization options are incredibly deep, with a massive roster of bikes to choose from in the first place. So, pretty typical for Milestone, honestly.

The controls are the usual racer controls, though it is worth noting where the gear shift mapping is, as more bikes are manual transmission than you'd find in, say, Forza.

As is also typical is the difficulty. Even on the lowest setting, there's a large amount of skill required for you to even make it through a race, which is what Milestone fans expect. For those new to the series, however, it can be a bit off-putting. However, you can run races over and over until you get the feel of the controls.You can also bypass some of the customization and run with recommended settings, if building a custom bike isn't your thing.

[REVIEW] Ride 3 is More of the Same, But Better
credit// Milestone S.r.l.

What is absolutely new with Ride 3 are the various different race options. You still have free races and a campaign, however, there are also drag races this time around. And they totally change the way you think you ought to play Ride 3. Suddenly steering is obsolete and your bike is a manual transmission, so we hope you're good at knowing when to switch gears. It's such a different take on a racer for Milestone that the drag races are quite possibly the best feature the game has.

Otherwise, it's just a nice, updated version of Ride 2 with all the new racers, new bikes, and updated graphics you'd expect. What Ride 3 is not is an arcade racer. That's more Monster Energy Supercross and Gravel. Instead, Ride 3 keeps true to Milestone's roots. And that's a pretty solid space for them.

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