Reviewing More Pixelated Heroes from PDP's Pixel Pals

At the time that we're writing this, we're anxiously awaiting to see when the next line of Pixel Pals will be released from PDP. But before we get anything super new from them, we're checking out the few remaining models we haven't reviewed yet as we get to light up Raiden from Mortal Kombat, as well as Wonder Woman and The Flash from DC Comics.

Much like previous Pixel Pals designs, you got a plastic case with a back you can open up to throw in a pair of AAA batteries to light it up. I've written in the past that you can get special battery packs from PDP where you charge them up with a USB and then they sit in the back replacing the cover, but that design seems a little off. Here's hoping down the road the design changes to have the battery included, and then you just need to plug them in for a charge to last a while. In the meantime, batteries or a battery pack are your options.

Each figure looks pretty cool with their own touches. First off, Raiden is designed to look like he did in the first Mortal Kombat from 1992. The design of his outfit looks pretty good as they took his white jumpsuit and threw in some gray shading for the boots and sleeves. His bamboo hat is a nice shard of off-yellow to give it that classic look, along with his eyes being shaded light blue to perfect him as the thunder god. This design had a bright light and worked really well in a dark room.

Wonder Woman is a mix of good and bad pieces, primarily because her design is based more on the classic version than the modern versions. The one-piece tights are defined as best they can be for a pixel design, with a pair of white dots to represent the stars on the lower half. Some grey was added to the arms to show off her gauntlets, and the crown is a solid yellow to match the armor with a red dot for the star. Another downside, which you can see in the dark, is that there's no way to light up a person's hair if they're brunette. So from a distance, it kind of looks weird. It isn't bad, but it could use an improvement.

Finally, you get The Flash, and much like Wonder Woman, this design is based specifically on the comics version. While a good chunk of him sits in an orange-red hue, we get a few accents of white thrown into the yellow for his boots and lighting bolt, not to mention a funny determined look in his eyes — like he's staring at something in the distance before he gets there. You can't do much for the bolt on the front beyond alternative yellow and white to represent his symbol, but it all works out when you look at it from afar.

Overall, these are some pretty good designs, although we still say Wonder Woman needs a little work to make hers pop more compared to other lines that PDP has made. They're all must-haves if you're fans of these series to have an extra little deskmate or something for your shelves, and they make for nice night lights for kids.

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