RIck And Morty Get Schwifty In Merge Dragons One Last Time

Rick and Morty are going around the bend one more time in Merge Dragons as the duo will have one last event over the weekend. Gram Games has been doing well with Adult Swim, partnering up to have the doo pop into their game from time to time. But by the sound of things, this will most likely be the final event they end up dropping into for the game. But at least they're going out with a ridiculous bang as they'll be taking part in the Mortyoblo Dejo Moo event. Until August 10th you can take part in a weird adventure where Rick wants to get his hands on the treasure these cows are hiding by any means necessary. You can read more details on the event below as you can currently download the game on the App Store for iOS, as well as Google Play for Android devices.

How well will you do in the Mortyoblo Dejo Moo event? Courtesy of Gram Games.
How well will you do in the Mortyoblo Dejo Moo event? Courtesy of Gram Games.

In the finalevent, Rick and Morty travel through a strange red portal, which Rick pronounced to be completely safe, only to find themselves ambushed by bovine creatures. Rick wants the treasure that they are protecting, a very cool looking statue of a garden gnome, while Morty just wants this adventure to end already. Join the wacky duo in the concluding part of their adventure in Merge Dragons!.

"The reaction to the partnership between Merge Dragons! and Adult Swim has been a great experience which is why we wanted to make sure the final chapter in the duo's story is special," said Eren Yanik, Chief Product Officer at Gram Games. "We also want to thank all the fans for their continued support and we hope they enjoyed all the twists and turns that the beloved Rick and Morty characters experienced in Dragonia."

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