Rocket League Drops New Batman Bundle For Latest Film

Psyonix is celebrating the latest Batman movie by dropping a brand new Batman pack into Rocket League you might enjoy. The team is working with Warner Bros to bring you a whole new set of Batman-themed items to the game, which they've done in the past with several versions of the character from the 1989 film all the way to the Dark Knight series of films. The Batman Bundle, which is available starting next week, will include the 2022 Batmobile, Batmobile Engine Audio, Batmobile Wheels, Dark Knight Matte Paint Finish, Batmobile Boost, Batmobile Trail, a Reel Life Decal, and The Batman Goal Explosion.

For those of you looking to pick up the bundle, it will be in the Item Shop for 1100 Credits from March 2nd to March 8th. The game has also included several other additions to celebrate the film, as they get all into the DC celebration. You can read more here and read a snippet about it below.

Rocket League Drops New Batman Bundle For Latest Film
Credit: Psyonix

The Bat-Signal shines high over Beckwith Park, signifying the nightly prowl of the Caped Crusader. Locals have seen him cruising in a whole new ride for 2022, designed in secret by Wayne Industries. This updated Batmobile seems to feature an American-muscle-inspired body, screen-accurate Paint Finishes, and a Goal Explosion utilizing the Dark Knight's newest symbol.

With the gates of Arkham Asylum unlocked, madness has spilled onto the Rocket League Arenas once again, transforming this noble game into the deadly Gotham City Rumble. Power-ups in this LTM work the same as Rumble but are themed after the many villains of Batman's past. Rack up easy clears with The Joker's Boxing Glove, grapple through the air with Poison Ivy's Vines, or slingshot the ball behind you with the Bat-Grapnel. Just don't let Clayface Spikes slip past you for a goal.

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