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Psyonix has released the latest season of Rocket League this week, as things get more aquatic for Season 14 Along with the new theme of going under the sea, the season adds the new Admiral Car (Dominus hitbox), which will also unlock with Rocket Pass Premium, along with a second Mako Car (Breakout hitbox) You're[...]
German Football Teams Have Been Added To Rockey
Psyonix has added a new update to Rocket League that soccer/football fans will enjoy as Bundesliga, Germany's top professional football league, joins the fray The team has given players a brand new bundle to snag, which has decals and team colors for several teams tied to the league There are two different versions as you[...]
Rocket League Kicked Off Its Eighth Anniversary Today
Psyonix has officially launched a new update for Rocket League as the team are celebrating eight great years of the game with a special anniversary event The event marks the official return of the Birthday Ball, which you can play right now for special challenges and rewards The game also has two new Limited Time[...]
Transformers Comes To Rocket League With New Bumblebee Car
Psyonix has revealed the latest addition to Rocket League, as players will be seeing the latest crossover event with the Transformers Now you can hit the field with your own robot in disguise as you have Bumblebee at your disposal for the next battle Complete with all of the noises and details from the latest[...]
Rocket League Will Launch Season 11 Later This Week
Psyonix revealed that they are going to be launching Season 11 for Rocket League as it arrives later in the week The season will add a number of vehicles to the mix for you to purchase and unlock in the shop, along with a brand new seaside arena to battle it out in, as well[...]
Rocket League Launches Sideswipe Season 9 Today
Psyonix has launched a brand new season for Rocket League Sideswipe, as players shave some new fun options to play with, including a new game mode Players will now have a fun new option as you can compete in Ranked Volleyball, which comes with its own rules and special system set up to make it[...]
The Fast & The Furious Has Returned To Rocket League
Epic Games and Psyonix have brought The Fast & The Furious back to Rocket League this past week, with a brand new car added to the mix For the next couple of weeks, you'll have the chance to fill your garage with fan-favorite vehicles from the franchise as they help promote the latest film in[...]
New Star Wars Content Comes To Rocket League On May 4th
Psyonix has an awesome crossover on the way for Rocket League this week, as they will be releasing new Star Wars cosmetics this Thursday The game will be adding in four new cars for you to snag, as well as some bonus items, as you'll be able to make your car look like BB-8, C-3PO,[...]
The Rocket League Rocket Pass Premium Joins Fortnite Crew
Those of you who happen to subscribe to the Fortnite Crew monthly system will be getting a bonus as the Rocket League Rocket Pass will join the system Those who pay the monthly fee for all the bonuses you get to the battle royale title will be getting 1,000 V-Bucks, a new monthly "Crew Pack"[...]
The Drive Days Event Arrives In Rocket League On April 26th
Psyonic has released new details about the next event coming to Rocket League, ad the team will launch the Drive Days event on April 26th The event will give you a chance to earn a brand-new car, the Redline, which you'll be able to score through Event Challenges The game will also have a Car[...]
Rocket League Season 10 Will Launch This Wednesday
Psyonix revealed that they are about to launch Season 10 for Rocket League, as the season will officially start on Wednesday, March 8th The new season has got some interesting things cooking as players will be able to dive into an all-new Rocket Pass, as well as take the wheel of a new car being[...]
Rocket League Announces New Women's Esports Partnership
have come together for a new partnership revolving around boosting women's esports in Rocket League Working with the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS), they will present a new all-women tournament called the The Ally Women's Open, which continues the company's 2022 pledge to reach 50/50 media spend across men's and women's sports, including esports While[...]
Rocket League Partners With AC Milan For New In-Game Content
Psyonix announced a brand new partnership for Rocket League this week, as AC Milan will add their newly revealed jersey to the game in March The football club recently revealed its fourth jersey, an alternative look that brings the black and red to the forefront of its appearance Along with sponsors Puma and Koché getting[...]
Rocket League Partners With NFL For Another Super Bowl Bundle
Psyonix has announced they've teamed up with the NFL again to bring the NFL Super Bowl LVII Pack and other football content to Rocket League The team revealed details today of several packs available in-game right now, all designed to celebrate the big game this weekend as well as all things NFL for those who[...]
Rocket League Reveals New Neon Nights Event This Week
Psyonix has revealed a brand new event for Rocket League this week as we go into the bright colors and flashing lights with Neon Nights Starting on January 25th and running all the way until February 7th, the team has given the game a bit of brighter colors and louder sounds as several new additions[...]
Rocket League Announces New Partnership With Bugatti
Psyonix announced today they have a brand new partnership headed to Rocket League with the introduction of a Bugatti car Next week you will be able to race around the track in the all-new Bugatti Centodieci, which is one of the most sought-after cars on the planet as they have only produced ten vehicles in[...]
Rocket League Launches 2022 Holiday Event Frosty Fest
Psyonix has launched their latest event in Rocket League today as players can get in on the holiday action with Frosty Fest For this particular event, the company has partnered with music label Lofi Girl serves as the virtual headliner for the festivities The Event Challenges that come with this one feature Lofi Girl-themed rewards, a[...]
Rocket League Season 9 Will Launch On December 7th
Psyonix has revealed new details to Season 9 coming to Rocket League next week as you will need to Unleash The Elements Fire and Ice will be the big things revolving around the season, which makes sense as this is basically the holiday update for the game Along with a new Rocket Pass with tons[...]
Rocket League Sideswipe Announces Season Six Launch Date
Psyonix revealed today that Season Six of Rocket League Sideswipe will be launching on November 16th with new content This time around the game will be getting a brand new mode which they are calling Heatseeker, and if the name didn't tip you off for that, it means the ball will fly toward a goal[...]
The Rocket League Nike FC Cup Event Will Start On November 17th
Psyonix and Epic Games revealed details of a new event hitting Rocket League next week as the Nike FC Cup is on the way The event will take place on November 17th and run all the way through December 6th This particular event will come with a number of in-game Challenges and Rewards, a Fan[...]
Rocket League Championship Series Fall Major Tix Go On Sale
Epic Games and Psyonix have officially opened up tickets for the Rocket League Championship Series Fall Major happening in December This is one of the biggest events for the entire esports league before they get to the World Championships, as they will culminate three months of competition into a three-day tournament to crown a Fall[...]
Rocket League Reveals Its Halloween 2022 Event, Haunted Hallows
Psyonix has revealed details of their next Halloween event coming to Rocket League, as 2022 will bring about the Haunted Hallows The event will bring about some new designs and challenges to the game, as you'll be given a spooky setting for the next few weeks Everything kicks off on October 19th, with a few[...]
The Rocket League Championship Series Returns In October
Psyonix revealed new details about the return of the Rocket League Championship Series, which will be taking place in October While there have been some adjustments, the entire format s pretty much the same as it was last year They released a blog with all the details, which you can read here, and we have[...]
Rocket League's Latest Collaboration Is With Ferrari
Psyonix revealed the latest collaboration for Rocket League is coming this week as Ferrari will be making an appearance in the game Specifically, you'll be getting your hands on the 296 GTB in all of its glory, looking and sounding like the genuine article, and with any luck, handling just like it as best they[...]
Epic Games Is Bringing Rocket League's RLCS Over To Fortnite
Epic Games is holding an epic esports crossover as they are bringing the Rocket League Championship Series over to Fortnite From August 9th until August 14th, you'll be able to take part in a special Rocket League World Championship map as well as watch the esports series live in the game What's more, the map[...]
Rocket League Adds The Ford Bronco Raptor To The Garage
Psyonix dropped a brand new car into Rocket League this past week as players can now compete in the Ford Bronco Raptor Another fun partnership for the company as they bring in the latest Ford vehicle, and with it comes a few other additions The car will come as part of a bundle, for sale[...]
Wisdom Gaming To Hold Gold Rush: Totally Excellent Weekend
Wisdom Gaming will be holding a special Rocket League esports event at the Mall Of America called Gold Rush: Totally Excellent Weekend The event is set to take place from August 27th-28th at the organization's studio on Level 4 of the mall, as this community event will bring in some of the top content creators,[...]
Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Is Now Available In Rocket League
Nike and Psyonix have partnered up for a brand new set of items that have been added to Rocket League with the Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Along with some brand new skins being added to the game that you can snag with some credits, there will also be an invitational competition to mark the occasion[...]
Rocket League Celebrates The 60th Anniversary Of James Bond
Psyonix will be celebrating the 60th Anniversary of James Bond in Rocket League with some new familiar content in a new bundle Now you'll be able to zip around the field like a spy as they have brought in three cars from Bond's past into the game through a couple of re-released spy bundles! Players[...]
Rocket League Announces Seventh Anniversary Event On July 6th
Psyonix revealed details today about the seventh anniversary of Rocket League, which will be kicking off on July 6th, 2022 Players will be able to jump into the festivities including a new event called Birthday Ball, which will feature Event Challenges and Rewards (with Credits being some of the first-time Challenge rewards) Plus two Limited[...]