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GRIMES Comes To Rocket League Starting January 26th
Psyonix revealed that they'll be throwing a brand new event soon in Rocket League as Neon Nights will be kicking off with GRIMES being part of it This brand new collaboration with art and music in the game will be launching on January 26th, as you will be experiencing the game in a whole new[...]
Auto Draft
Psyonix will be launching their annual Rocket League holiday event this week as Frosty Fest will officially begin on Thursday Kicking off at 9am PT, you'll be charged with trying to complete Frosty Fest Challenges to unlock brand-new items within the game Some of these include the Ring-a-Ling Wheels, three new Decals, Flannel Paint Finish, and the[...]
Rocket League Announces New Collaboration With Ford
Psyonix revealed that they have formed a new collaboration for Rocket League as they'll have new content coming with Ford The collab will see two different versions of the Ford Mustang come to the game as players will have a chance to race around the track in the Mach-E RLE as well as the Shelby[...]
Rocket League Season 5 Will Be Launching On November 17th
Psyonix revealed that next week, they will officially launch Season 5 of Rocket League as players will be able to dive into new content on November 17th The big addition to this upcoming season is the fact that we're basically headed into a space theme as they will be adding a brand new Arena variant[...]
Ghostbusters Has Been Added Back T Rocket League
Psyonoix has brought back another famous IP into Rocket League as they have added Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters back into the roster Specifically, they have added the Ghostbusters: Afterlife bundle to celebrate the release of the new film in the franchise As you can see from the image here, you're getting the classic car from the[...]
Psyonix Announces New Rocket League Collaboration With BMW
Psyonix has announced a brand new collaboration is coming to Rocket League as they have partnered with BMW to bring in a new car The sleek number you see below is the BMW M240i, which will be added to the game for a limited time starting on Thursday, November 4th It will come with all[...]
Back To The Future's DeLorean Returns To Rocket League
Psyonix has brought back one of the more beloved crossover cars to Rocket League as the Back To The Future Delorean has returned For those of you who may not know, October 21st is unofficially Back To The Future Day, because that's the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel into the future along with[...]
Batman Returns To Rocket League For Haunted Hallows 2021
Psyonix is bringing back the bat to Rocket League this month as they have launched a new Haunted Hallows event featuring The Dark Knight You're going to be getting several cars from the DC Comics franchise, some from properties you know and others made up for the game The big three being added are the[...]
James Bond Cars Will Return To Rocket League This Week
Things are about to get shaken, not stirred, as Rocket League will be getting the James Bond cars back into the mix in time for the new film The team is working with MGM to bring the latest 007 vehicle to the game as you can play as the Aston Martin Valhalla from No Time[...]
Psyonix Announces Rocket League Championship Series 2021-2022
Psyonix released details today about the upcoming 2021-2022 season for the Rocket League Championship Series and how it will run This year will have the largest prize pool yet as they've put together a $6m pot for players to try and snag Looking into the immediate future we know they will start with the Fall[...]
Fiesta Latina Celebration Launches In Rocket League Tomorrow
Psyonix announced today they will be kicking off a new event in Rocket League as players will take part in the Fiesta Latina Celebration The event will be celebrating Hispanic and Latino Heritage Month and the Independence Days for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Chile with the ¡Fiesta Latina! Bundle[...]
Rocket League Will Bring Back The NFL Pass On Thursday
Psyonix announced that they will be bringing the popular NFL Pass back to Rocket League for you to decorate with your team's colors Much like it has been in the past, the pass will give you the chance to decorate your car in whatever team colors you'd like from all 32 teams (Yes, even the[...]
Ratchet & Clank Are Coming To PlayStation Versions Of Rocket League
Psyonix and Sony have partnered up for a fun little crossover as Ratchet & Clank are coming to Rocket League as a PlayStation exclusive Both characters have been added to the game today as a special bundle for those who own a PS4 or PS5, as you can snag special skins for both the orange[...]
Rocket League Season Four Kicks Off August 11th
Psyonix announced today that they will launch Season Four of Rocket League on August 11th with some new additions This new season will feature a new Rocket Pass, Arena, Limited Time Modes (LTMs), Tournaments additions, and more as they explore the wild west as part of the theme for this season Because nothing says competition[...]
Rocket League Season Four Will Introduce 2-V-2 Tournaments
Psyonix revealed today that Season 4 of Rocket League will introduce a new format as players will experience 2-v-2 tournaments Season 3 is set to end on August 11th, so with that in mind, the team decided to reveal details of what's to come when they launch the next one Which at this point, has[...]