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The Rocket League Championship Series Returns In October
Psyonix revealed new details about the return of the Rocket League Championship Series, which will be taking place in October While there have been some adjustments, the entire format s pretty much the same as it was last year They released a blog with all the details, which you can read here, and we have[...]
Rocket League's Latest Collaboration Is With Ferrari
Psyonix revealed the latest collaboration for Rocket League is coming this week as Ferrari will be making an appearance in the game Specifically, you'll be getting your hands on the 296 GTB in all of its glory, looking and sounding like the genuine article, and with any luck, handling just like it as best they[...]
Rocket League Adds The Ford Bronco Raptor To The Garage
Psyonix dropped a brand new car into Rocket League this past week as players can now compete in the Ford Bronco Raptor Another fun partnership for the company as they bring in the latest Ford vehicle, and with it comes a few other additions The car will come as part of a bundle, for sale[...]
Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Is Now Available In Rocket League
Nike and Psyonix have partnered up for a brand new set of items that have been added to Rocket League with the Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Along with some brand new skins being added to the game that you can snag with some credits, there will also be an invitational competition to mark the occasion[...]
Rocket League Celebrates The 60th Anniversary Of James Bond
Psyonix will be celebrating the 60th Anniversary of James Bond in Rocket League with some new familiar content in a new bundle Now you'll be able to zip around the field like a spy as they have brought in three cars from Bond's past into the game through a couple of re-released spy bundles! Players[...]
Rocket League Announces Seventh Anniversary Event On July 6th
Psyonix revealed details today about the seventh anniversary of Rocket League, which will be kicking off on July 6th, 2022 Players will be able to jump into the festivities including a new event called Birthday Ball, which will feature Event Challenges and Rewards (with Credits being some of the first-time Challenge rewards) Plus two Limited[...]
Rocket League To Launch Pride Month Celebration On Wednesday
Psyonix announced today that they will be kicking off their own Pride Month celebrations in Rocket League starting tomorrow morning The free update to the game will add in a few new additions including a sequin paint finish and a tiara multichrome topper, both of which you can see below What's more, they've added three[...]
Rocket League Season 7 Will Start On June 15th
Psyonix revealed this week that they will officially be launching Season 7o of Rocket League with new content on June 15th This season gets a little fancier as players will be given a new place to play in the Guilded Utopia Arena, which looks like it's owned by Mr Monopoly There will also be a[...]
Rocket League Will Be Adding The Nissan Z To The Roster
Psyonix revealed they will be partnering up with Nissan and FaZe Clan to bring the Nissan Z over to the Rocket League roster From May 26th until June 7th, the game will be offering up a bundle to get this car added into your garage along with some love extras The Bundle includes the car,[...]
Rocket League Is Getting An F1 Fan Pass For 2022
Psyonix and Formula 1 have come together for another partnership as Rocket League will be getting an F1 Fan Pass for the year Last year's pass did super well for the team and the organization, so the two have decided to partner up again to bring more of the cars and iconic looks to the[...]
Rocket League Announces 2022 NASCAR Fan Pass
Psyonix has announced a new pass for fans to get in on for Rocket League as the 2022 NASCAR Fan Pass will be available this Wednesday This pass was created as part of the multi-year collaboration between both parties which started last year as it finally debuts this week ahead of the NASCAR Cup Series[...]
Rocket League Partners With Lamborghini In Latest Vehicle Addition
Psyonix has partnered up with Lamborghini to bring in a new car to Rocket League with the Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 Starting on March 30th, all platforms will have access to this new addition in the shop as Lamborghini will not only be joining on as an official sponsor of the Rocket League Championship Series[...]
Rocket League Will Launch Season Six This Wednesday
Psyonix revealed more info on Season Six coming to Rocket League today as it will officially launch on Wednesday, March 9th Things are getting a bit more animated this time around as the team is adding a new Neo Tokyo map, which will transport you into a comic book-looking arena There will also be several[...]
Rocket League Drops New Batman Bundle For Latest Film
Psyonix is celebrating the latest Batman movie by dropping a brand new Batman pack into Rocket League you might enjoy The team is working with Warner Bros to bring you a whole new set of Batman-themed items to the game, which they've done in the past with several versions of the character from the 1989[...]