Rocksteady Games Is Making A Suicide Squad Title

In one of the weirdest kept secrets in the industry, it has been confirmed today that Rocksteady Games is working on a Suicide Squad game. For the past couple of years, people have been heavily speculating what the next DC Comics-based game would be to come out of the studio, and for the longest time, until it was apparently canceled, it was going to be a Superman title. While some have hoped that they would maybe make one more Batman title after how Arkham Knight left off, it was clear the studio was headed in a new direction. We just didn't know what direction… until this week. ResetEra found two domain names registered to WB Games that confirms the Suicide Squad will be the next game. Those domains are "" and "".

After all this time, we finally know Rocksteady Games is working on a Suicide Squad title. Courtesy of DC Comics.
After all this time, we finally know Rocksteady Games is working on a Suicide Squad title. Courtesy of DC Comics.

On top of that, we did get a nice bonus reveal that WB Games in Montreal are working on their own Batman title, as another domain name found in the batch was "". Gotham Knights is a reference to the long-rumored and unannounced Batman game currently in development at the Montreal studio, which was the one that created the only non-Rocksteady game in the series, Batman: Arkham Origins. When we'll actually see any of this stuff make the light of day is anyone's guess, as up until now the studios have been pretty hush-hush about what's being worked on. Even though people in the industry kinda already knew. According to a few different websites, the rumor is that both games will be revealed, or at least teased, during the DC Fandome event set to take place in August 2020. Hopefully we get more than just a casual announcement and we actually get to see some footage.

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