The Russians Are Coming In The Next 'Battlefield 1' DLC

As we've talked about before with Battlefield 1, the creators left out a lot of real world history like The French playing a bigger role in the first World War than the U.S. did. You know who else played a much bigger role? The Russians. In fact, Russian casualties outnumbered the U.S. four to one. Of course, that's primarily because the Russians employed the "buzzsaw strategy," which is to throw enough men at the problem until it stops. Go look up info on the Russian front and you'll get stories of how 45 men were mowed down by a German gunman, only to have #46 be the one to finally kill the gunner after he ran out of bullets.


Anyway, the slow march to correct those missing points in history continues as the June DLC called "In The Name of the Tsar" will bring the eastern army as well as a few snow-covered maps your way. This will also include new weapons, vehicles, and tactics. EA Play will be showing off part of the DLC on June 10 during their pre-E3 press conference, in case you'd like to see before buying. There are also two more expansion on the way in 2017: "Apocalypse" and "These are Turning Tides." We can only assume they'll add in the Italians as stronger enemies. And hey, just as a guess/wishful thinking with no inside knowledge, why not Japan or more of the eastern Europian countries (Serbia, Montenegro, Belgium, Romania), since they too were involved with WWI from the start. Just a thought…

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