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Madden NFL 22 Will Be Added To EA Play This Week
EA Sports revealed that they will be adding Madden NFL 22 to EA Play starting on February 17th for anyone with a subscription to play No strings attached or gimmicks, this will be the full game with all of the updates and roster changes that you've seen at the end of the regular NFL season[...]
EA Access & Origin Access Basic To Be Renamed As EA Play
Electronic Arts had an interesting reveal today as EA Play will be available to all players who own Xbox Game Pass Ultimate The company will launch this initiative tomorrow, November 10th, in line with the Xbox Series X launch date Essentially the company is giving anyone with that level of pass access to several games[...]
EA Access & Origin Access Basic To Be Renamed As EA Play
Some interesting changes for Electronic Arts as the company will be rebranding a couple of their programs to EA Play The announcement came down late last week, revealing that the two big entities under the banner getting a rename are EA Access and Origin Access Basic Apparently there was no real major reasoning for the[...]
Electronic Arts Reveals Three New EA Originals During EA Play
During Electronic Arts virtual version of EA Play this year, the company revealed three new titles from their EA Originals section The announcement confirmed a new partnership with Final Strike Games, who will be producing Rocket Arena, as well as Hazelight Studios' It Takes Two, and Zoink's Lost in Random All three of which will[...]
"Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order"- EA Play at E3 Details are Here
What you're looking at here is basically a full version of what many people experienced at EA Play during E3, in which you get to run the mission in full The video itself is about 27 minutes and shows off pretty much everything you need to know how you play the game The company has[...]
BioWare has "Learned to Listen to What Fans Want" in Regards to "Anthem"
At EA Play today, the stream took a short segment between the main game updates to talk about Anthem BioWare's Ben Irving popped up on the stream to chat about the game's presence at EA Play, which is really focused just on the game's influencers and the game's Cataclysm event that's live right now[...]
We Get A Preview Of Additions Coming To "Madden NFL 20" At EA Play
During EA Play's livestream today, we got a look at the features coming to Madden NFL 20, including some gameplay footage of what's to come. credit//EA Sports The first feature, the game will allow you to create a QB from scratch and go through the college system from one of 10 top-tier schools, go through the NFL[...]
FIFA 20 Brings Back Street Football at EA Play
The trailer hit at the start of EA Play, while further details on the game came during the FIFA segment of their stream programming. The game includes VOLTA Football again for the first time in years, so you'll be able to do proper 1v1 matches. You can also play as a male or female character, for the first[...]
Electronic Arts Announces Their E3 2019 Stream Schedule
As we now know, Electronic Arts will be doing their own thing again before E3 2019 with EA Play, but now we have a schedule of what will happen On Saturday, June 8th, the company will kick off their events for the next two days, starting at 9am PDT Here's the schedule of things they[...]
Apex Legends Season 2 will be Revealed During EA Play at E3
In their latest investor earnings call, EA said that the first details about Apex Legends' Season 2 will be revealed at EA Play on Friday, June 7th The event will be taking place at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles and will be broadcast online for fans to watch online Rather than doing a typical press[...]
Respawn Entertainment Reveals Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Trailer [SWCC]
Respawn Entertainment posted over the weekend that the game would be making an appearance that week, but it will be during EA Play The company also said it would be at E3 this year, but did not go into details as to how much you could play and in what capacity it would be shown. Mark[...]
EA Play logo
EA started the tend of publishers leaving E3 proper to host their own parties, and will continue that trend with EA Play in 2019 This year's EA celebration will take place from June 7th through the 9th with a kickoff event on the 7th Tickets to EA Play will go on sale next month and[...]
NBA Live 19 Trailer Shot
NBA Live 19 was just shown off at the EA Play conference at E3 The game releases on September 7th Once again, players will be able to become The One and take their creations to the ultimate goal of winning an NBA Title This year, you will have to travel the globe as part of[...]
Unravel Two Revealed at EA Play, Playable Right Now
EA and Coldwood simultaneously revealed and launched Unravel Two during EA Play today The innovative single player and co-op puzzle platformer was developed by the Swedish studio that brought Yarny to life in 2015's indie hit Unravel The sequel builds directly off the original game and centers on the bond between two Yarnys, which can be played[...]
BioWare's Anthem Got a Massive Gameplay Reveal at EA Play
At the end of EA Play today, the publisher spent quite a deal of time on BioWare's newest project Anthem, which is rather ambitious for the studio. Anthem is a social, coop sci-fi shooter with a strong focus on the single-player campaign That's a first for BioWare. The studio described it as "not an MMO, not a single[...]
The official logo for Star Wars. Credit: Lucasfilm.
During EA Play today, a representative of Respawn Entertainment was hanging around the theater and gave a brief rundown of the studio's rumored Star Wars project While we don't have a trailer or a logo, we do have a name and some brief details about the game Respawn's game is called Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and will[...]
As part of EA Play today, EA Sports revealed some new gameplay footage for FIFA 19 which will launch worldwide on September 28th, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC Part of the reveal also included the addition of the UEFA Champions League as part of FIFA 19 UEFA Champions League is one of[...]
EA Play logo
At EA Play this morning, the publisher announced that they would be rolling out a game streaming subscription service sometime this summer called Origin Access Premier The program would allow subscribers to have full access to the EA game vault, with the ability to play EA's newest games via stream So basically, its Xbox Game[...]
Battlefield V
The biggest thing coming out of EA Play 2018 in terms of Battlefield V was the announcement of a Battle Royale mode coming to the game's multiplayer After all, every shooter worth it's salt these days has a Royale mode, so why not Battlefield V? If Activision can toss a Battle Royale mode into Black Ops 4, naturally[...]
BioWare Reveals New Anthem Key Art and Teases E3 Announcements
Additionally, the studio announced that they'll be dropping a new trailer for the game on June 9th during EA's EA Play conference, which starts at 11am PDT. They teased a bit of the new trailer alongside the announcement on Twitter, which has finally began posting again this week with E3 looming in the not-too-distant future[...]
EA Play logo
EA has announced that their E3 2018 press conference EA Play will begin at 11 a.m PDT on June 9th The conference will be streamed live for those of you at home As always, primary spots will be given to industry and press, but preregistration has opened today for EA Play 2018 The press conference will[...]
EA Play 2018 Starts Pre-Registration Plans For Regular Attendees
Those of you hoping to get into EA Play during E3 will need to hurry and buy tickets soon, as Electronic Arts opening up pre-registration for tickets this morning If you're not already familiar with what EA Play is, this is basically the company's chance to hype you on what they'll be showing off during[...]
EA Play Will Return During E3 2018 To Hollywood
Electronic Arts have made it a point to almost entirely avoid all of the pre-pre-pre-E3 hype that takes over random venues and says little to nothing until the real press conferences start by throwing their own event called EA Play Today, the company revealed that the event would return to E3, happening from June 9th to[...]
A Brief Look At EA Play's Most Talked About Highlights
The surprise winner of EA Play's presentation is their original IP, A Way Out While the new title from the creators of 2013's indie darling Brothers was put up next to Bioware's new IP and EA mainstays like FIFA and Madden, the game dominated te social media circuit according to the latest statistics courtesy of[...]
EA Reveals NBA Live 18 At EA Play
One of the many reveals from EA's E3 conference was the expected next installment of their NBA franchise. NBA Live 18 is now official.
Watch The Assault On Theed Mission From Star Wars Battlefront II In The Newest Trailer
We all knew this was coming, but seeing the Assault on Theed mission live during the Star Wars: Battlefront II portion of EA's EA Play press conference was an absolute joy And naturally it makes for a great gameplay trailer. The Assault on Theed is the game's first look at multiplayer gameplay and included some interesting moments, like[...]